Ice Cube Turned Down $9 Million Paycheck Rather Than Get Vaccinated: ‘F*ck That Jab’

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Iconic rapper Ice Cube walked away from a $9 million movie role rather than submit to the Hollywood studio’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate.

The singer and actor was slated to appear alongside Jack Black in the Sony comedy Oh Hell No. However, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Ice Cube decided he would rather step away from the project than comply with a production mandate to get vaccinated.

The outlet reports that he initially agreed to be in Oh Hell No in June with the expectation that it would shoot this winter in Hawaii with Kitao Sakurai, the director behind Netflix’s recent hit comedy Bad Trip.

Watch (warning: strong language):

Sources told the outlet that by walking away from the film and staying true to his principles, Ice Cube turned his back on a cool $9 million payday. 

While Ice Cube remains determined not to be forced to get the vaccine, regardless of how much money is on the table. Rolling Stone notes that he’s been a strong proponent of mask advocacy throughout the pandemic.

Fox report: He unveiled a brand of “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” t-shirts that featured him in a mask, a partnership done with manufacturer Black Out designed to benefit frontline workers. He was also thanked by Bacon College in August for donating PPE, including 2,000 face masks. 

In July, TheWrap reported that several Hollywood unions and studio representatives reached a tentative agreement regarding COVID-19 safety protocols on sets that allow productions to mandate vaccinations for cast and crew who operate in “zone A” where principal filming takes place.

This includes cast members. As a result, actors are left with the decision to either get vaccinated or walk away from potentially lucrative paydays. In fact, the national board of SAG-AFTRA had previously approved similar guidelines that allowed productions to mandate vaccines.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Just another false prophet He would have made the evil movie except he didn’t want the jab. His morality was about himself. Netflix is totally corrupted by left wingers worse than Disney even Or anyone else actually. It’s 100% propagandas all supervised by Barracks Obomber.

  2. He has a trade certificate in drafting post high school. Doesn’t even rank an associates degree. At least 262,908,216 people or 79% of the population have received at least one dose. Overall, 224,113,439 people or 68% of the population are considered fully vaccinated. Additionally, 108,806,974 people or 33% of the population have received a booster dose. No secret Blacks are ranked right down at the bottom of the list, as the least educated in the USA. Walking away from a $9 million dollar payday over a vaccination, at the old age of 53 is patently stupid.

    • Where are you getting those numbers?…The only numbers Im worried about are the 9 pages of side effects, and the 75 years they wanted to keep those side effects hidden from the public that needed to be court ordered to be released. They will keep moving the bar and changing the definition of being fully vaccinated.9 million won’t help you if your dead.

      • I copied it, direct quote. Everytime I post the source on DISQUS, more than half the sites remove the entire post as spam. I stopped posting the source – as others can Google the same.
        Quote: At least 262,908,216 people or 79% of the population have received at least one dose. Overall, 224,113,439 people or 68% of the population are considered fully vaccinated. Additionally, 108,806,974 people or 33% of the population have received a booster dose

      • I think 9 pages of side effects is a doubled edged sword. One hand, I was never shown them at the VA before vaccination, and boosters. On the flip side, its like all the other 500 others vaccines the military supplied those on active duty, and reserves, if the leadership took them – so did those of us in the ranks.
        As for civilians, as I got older and wiser I don’t really care what they do or don’t do. They refused to make the time, or will tell you they were too busy to wear the uniform to ensure my rights. Being twice a veteran, its not a two way street in my book. Wish the VA vsi-a-vis the government would have tested the vaccine on civilians before giving it to war fighters and veterans. Civilians as Guinea pigs is fine with me.

    • Nearly 1 in 8 people who got an mRNA jab required medical treatment for serious side effects – that’s the US gov’s own data, which took 2 lawsuits and over a year to force out of them. Why don’t you give that some thought, “guest”?

      • I did not know that many people complained of an issue. Or as you typed a serious issue. Do you have a link, I prefer facts and you make some excellent rebuttal- ACO .

        • “Now that ICAN, and therefore the public, have received the check-the-box portions (as opposed to the free-text field portions) of this data, the data itself may explain why the CDC refused to release it without a fight.

          V-safe’s data shows that 7.7% of its approximate 10 million users reported having to receive medical care after receipt of a Covid-19 vaccine, and over 70% of those users sought outpatient/urgent clinical care, emergency room care, and/or were hospitalized.”

          • I was/am one of those that never reported. Each time i was vaccinated or received the booster, I had crummy symptoms for many days. But that was idea the of the vaccine, to force a boosted immunity to react to something never seen in the wild before. Have five grad degrees and am a nuclear (strategic systems) strategist and weapons design engineer. Think from what I have learned or know from the open sources, this Covid started out as a binary biological weapon.
            As a gung-ho twice honorable veteran, don’t really care about civilians that refused to share the uniform and put some skin in the game – as I did for them. See the nation/planet as grossly over populated and thin will need to take place sooner rather than later. Will say this, when the Pentagon high command takes the vaccine, that’s good enough for me. The Pentagon mandated the vaccine, leadership and rank and file alike, as did I as a defense contractor.
            High command is informed and briefed on issues we are never told – and they are charged with being ready to fight 24/7. The high command would not vaccinate their warfighters if they thought this was a non -threat, or to see them get sick for nothing. What good is an Admiral or General if all their personnel are disabled, due to a risky vaccination?
            As for civilians, if one does not want a vaccine fine, best immunity is surviving a virus. My only concern of those opting to not vaccinate, is that they spread germs to old, weak, and those have have others diseases – such as cancer survivors. I guess as mammals that is there issues, but I would make a effort to not get them sick. In this case, its a tricky vaccine -as we know it morphs rapidly and outpaces best efforts at making updated vaccines.
            Would prefer the old fashioned non RNA spike vaccine through attenuated means, but as a defense contractor am required to have had my vaccines. An old vet with many issues, I have not gotten a booster in nearly a year, and will be getting one soon. Don’t need to feel worse, than I already deal with. BTW, never had Covid per employment related outbreak testing – maybe the vaccine works for some.

          • “My only concern of those opting to not vaccinate, is that they spread germs” The vaccine never did, never will and never can prevent you from being infected or infecting others. Recently there has been a big fuss over Pfizr admitting they never tested to see if it stopped transmission. They never tested because they knew it couldn’t.

            As for believing the higher-ups in the military took the same stuff as the grunts, that’s incredibly gullible of you.

            “See the nation/planet as grossly over populated and thin will need to take place sooner rather than later. ” And that’s incredibly evil of you. You’re also wrong; the biggest problem we actually face is an aging population, which could be why they developed a disease that mostly targets the elderly.

          • If the mention was of a cure, you would be right. A vaccine is not a cure, its a weakened,or non-viable version of the infection that stimulates the recipients immune system to produce antibodies. This is the same as if exposed to the full-strength infection in the wild. In the fortunate, the antibodies provide immunity to that infection and prevent you from contracting it. Transmission is not the same as immunity, or a cure. The idea being, if you one doesn’t get sick, there is a less of a chance of spreading the sickness. This is no different than vaccinations for anthrax, mumps, measles, or rubella.

          • I knew you’d jump on that overstatement. The wild, is the wild. The alternate is RDA spike for rapidly deployed laboratory surrogate in an attempt to achieve an artificial response for antibody production. The engineering solution supplies antibody production from the same family of viruses.

          • A real infection needs to get past your mucosal immune system, and in almost all cases will never produce any significant volume of virions in your blood, so blood-based antigens are useless for anything but the most extreme of infections. They do nothing at all to stop you catching or transmitting. In contrast, the injections dump massive amounts of mRNA, causing you to produce an unknown but massive number of spike proteins, for an unknown length of time, but at least 18 months. No natural infection ever comes anywhere near that toxic load.

          • Specific to different manufactures of the vaccine, initially received Moderna (whereas my mother received Pfizer) for the first two shots. I was not feeling well for two-three days, whereas my mother was a spry as could be, never once feeling an symptoms of sickness. I have been told the best immunity is to have a vaccine from all the major manufactures and force the body to recognize slight differences in formulas and manufacturing processes. Am unsure what I will do for my fourth shot, as I have the benefit of nearly year and new information. Have not recently spent the time and looked into what the newest or best recommendations are. Maybe you know?

          • Sure, the best recommendation is don’t ever go anywhere near any more covid shots. We knew before they were launched about ‘OAS’ or Original Antigenic Sin, also known as immune imprinting. This is why some scientists were screaming bloody murder, that you should never, ever, vaccine during an ongoing epidemic, and certainly not a pandemic. But we did, and now we have billions of people slightly immune to a now-extinct variant, and very little resistance to any and every new variant.

          • I waited nearly a year for the newest Pfizer booster vs. 3 previous Moderna shots. Took if Friday afternoon. Was down Saturday up find today – as the Pfizer for me, supplied a milder response. in my case, something is better than nothing. Shot, stabbed, blown up, crashed up, bit by a shark, gator, and pack of wild dogs. Broke the spine twice – in five places with 60 chunks of titanium and two chest surgeries with a total of 60 heart attacks. Also my small unit had, a recalled/contaminated/bad batch of Anthrax.
            Seems the biggest issues I am aware of, have been with Covid-19 clotting. Already on double platelet therapy, so if anyone is going to avoid blood clot issues, its me. I agree about Hoskins effect, or antigenic imprinting issues you mentioned – but this mammal is a “liver” – and I plan on living. Last fuxken thing this vet needed was any of the Covid respiratory issues. I am an overpopulation adherent, and if there are as many billions who are at risk – then the quicker they kick the bucket, the better. Best if they are Chinese.

          • I worked at the time of the vaccine for the high command. Met with them one day of the week face-to-face. At the time I chaired and managed the Total Ship Testing Task Group from a major base on the waterfront. I witnessed many led by example for their respective command, and stand in the line first. If you have never been around the military, that is how many requirements take place. On the flip side, I know others that retired with decades of service and who worked side-by-side next to me. These men refused the Covid vaccination – called it a clot shot.back then. They waited out extensions for legal challenges for civilians and contractors, and to this day – like you have not taken the vaccination. Me, I only ever affirmed to one group, the men in the Pentagon and its men and women. Consider me a guinea pig for your caution and doubt Alan. If at a later time, my decision fails me – then like all those who died from catching the covid virus, then there is only two feet to stand upon.

          • Mammals have evolved for many millions of years, from a few to the numbers we have today. In year 1914 the entire globe had 1.4 billion people. Then over the span of 100 years we added a whopping 7 billion more people. For a total of 8 billion people, its a death trap to all – a result of the industrial revolution.
            I am not wrong, as there is nothing better today on the planet, vs 100 years ago. Evil, seems to be a Middle Eastern biblical term but is a European term. Absent your seemingly religious slant, you have not mentioned why you suggest my position to return a grossly populated to something sustainable, is evil?

          • Because there is no non-evil way of producing the end result you seek. And yes you’re wrong, because all over the Western world populations are already in terminal decline.

          • They are not declining fast enough. Over 100 years, we won’t meet the “optimal population” that was demonstrated by Stanford University wonks. That number is 1.4 billion. What is more important is the terminal decline in resources for all organisms. With extinctions rishing, there are no more wild herds, no more fish in the rivers and lakes, no more big fish into the sea. What there is are farmed foods, and that is bad. I invested in and owned an organic farm on the Oregon coast for several years.
            What I learned with faming today and my own cash investments, it has killed all natures worms in the ground. For instance in the San Joaquin Valley, there is no more worms. That Valley is the food bank of America, where in the winter the entire East coast gets fresh vegetables. Yet, to produce that yield, the contaminated fertilizers and water shipped from up North in the aqueduct have sticken the soil with salts, viruses, and contaminates. Point is, the yield is declining, and as it is can not sustain any crops on its own. All growing requires worms, who are magnificent at burrowing the soils and spreading the microorganisms required.
            If as you might say my “non” evil ways of ABC – abortion, birth controls, and contraception’s don’t work, along with means testing and/or vasectomy and tubal ligations mandated for further controls of those to irresponsible to bred and pay for it as they go, then the next solution is fast. There are less than 20 facilities producing strategic yields of artificial fertilizers. Those fake fertilizers are required for the false levels of food production. If my decision, I would exploint saturation bombardment of 3/4 of those facilities. Those spared would be for all people speaking English, as a first or second language. As by shear coincidence, about 1.4 billion people would be left whole, and that is the optimal population.
            Over the course of one or two growing seasons, nature would quietly do the rest all on its own. Hungry and starving people are weak, and weak people can but put much of a fight or destroy too much infrastructure with rebellion’s and uprisings. Like all mammals, we’d return to the simple equation of those that have, and about 6.5 billion have nots, would cease to be a plague. Sounds a bit too Machiavellian, sure. But the best two traits for anyone in a leadership position according to Machiavelli, is to be both miserly and prudent.

  3. 9 Pages of side effects, for an experimental jab that doesn’t even stop what it is intended to stop.

    • Should have mandated it was given it to the many tens of millions of foreigners from Canada and Mexico first. If they had started flipping, flopping, shimming, and shaking – then the red card could have been thrown.

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