President Trump: Russia Hoax Was TREASON

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President Trump slams Russia witch hunt as treason

President Trump says the people behind the Mueller “fake witch hunt” have committed “high crimes” and “treason” against America.

Speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday, the President gave his first interview since former special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.

Hannity asked Trump about the importance of determining the origins of the probe, to which Trump warned this should not be allowed to happen to another president.

“This should never happen to another president of the United States again,” Trump told Hannity.

“This is an absolute catastrophe for our country. This was a fake witch hunt, and it should never be allowed to happen to another president again. This was treason. This was high crimes. This was everything as bad a definition as you want to come up with. This should never be allowed to happen to our country again.”


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