US Supply Illegal Weapons For Use Against Assad In Syria

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US sell Saudi Arabia weapons to use against Assad in Syria

The US government has sanctioned arms manufacturers to supply Saudi Arabia with dangerous weapons in order to create violent chaos in Syria and oust President Assad. 

US arms dealers were contracted to sell Riyadh “one billion dollars of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles intended for terrorist groups in Syria.”

Steve Lendman Blog reports:

“Based on fresh information, a large volume of arms (including heavy ones) has been smuggled to Northern Aleppo via Turkey’s border…delivered to” terrorist groups wanting Assad toppled, Syrian sovereignty destroyed.

Saudi-purchased weapons were shipped by US arms merchants of death to Turkey and northern Syria areas it controls.

These type deals require US approval, Washington willing to sell or provide arms to any nation or terrorist groups waging war on Syrian sovereignty and its people. US-trained Saudi officers are training terrorists on use of these “advanced weapons.”

Turkey claiming willingness to work with Russia in fighting terrorism is refuted by clear evidence of Erdogan and Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu supporting the scourge they claim to oppose.

In late June, Syrian forces found documents proving close Ankara/ISIS cooperation – showing large volumes of weapons delivered to their fighters in Syria and Iraq, along with providing logistical support.

ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra elements train at and operate from bases on Turkish territory, crossing into Syria unobstructed.

Monday on Turkish national television, Cavusoglu lied, claiming Ankara will cooperate with “everybody who is fighting” ISIS at the same time it’s providing active support.

Erdogan allied with Washington and other anti-Syria rogue states remain hostile to Russian interests, despite his late June apology to Putin for downing an Su-24 warplane in Syrian airspace – an easy to see through hollow outreach. Daily regional events and intelligence prove it.

Separately, according to the Kremlin press service, Putin strongly condemned weekend mass casualties in Baghdad, denouncing what he called “a barbaric crime, (more) evidence of the inhuman nature of terrorism, and expressed confidence in the need for the entire international community to join forces in order to effectively combat this evil.”

He confirmed Moscow’s readiness to assist Iraq’s government in combating terrorism. So far, prime minister Haider al-Abadi demurred, heavy US pressure restraining him.

Russia’s Defense Ministry indicated fixed and rotary wing aircraft aboard its Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, heading for a Mediterranean deployment close to Syria’s border, will begin conducting airstrikes on terrorist targets from October through at least next January – adding more firepower to its current operations.

Why then and not sooner wasn’t explained.

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