NYPD Boss Jailed For 28 Years By Elite Pedophile Ring Investigators

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A top NYPD boss has been cut down by the elite pedophile ring task force and jailed for 28 years for his heinous crimes against children.

Alberto Randazzo, a former New York City Police Department boss, was sentenced to 28 years in prison for sexual exploitation of children and receipt of child pornography, as the Trump administration’s investigation into the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated politics and law enforcement nationwide continues taking down high-profile perpetrators.

Randazzo was caught targeting mothers, persuading them to sexually abuse their children and send him pictures and videos of the acts.

The federal investigation into the elite pedophile ring is moving full steam ahead and heavy hitters have been employed to lead prosecutions. Randazzo’s sentence was announced by Bridget M. Rohde, Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Angel M. Melendez, Special Agent-in-Charge, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), New York, and James P. O’Neill, Commissioner, New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Alberto Randazzo lived a double life, publicly serving as an NYPD police officer while privately engaging in conduct to exploit the most vulnerable members of the community – our children,” stated Acting United States Attorney Rohde.  “Together with our law enforcement partners we will continue to strive to protect the most vulnerable among us.”  

Special Agent-in-Charge Melendez said the days of elite pedophiles getting away with their heinous crimes because of their positions in society are officially over.

“Randazzo held a position with the sole purpose to serve and protect the people of this city. Instead, he targeted certain women, persuaded them to sexually abuse their children and had them send him pictures and videos of the acts,” said Special Agent-in-Charge Melendez.

His behavior is no less than deplorable. It is with continued joint law enforcement efforts that we can target these types of offenders and ensure that they are punished for their heinous deeds.”

After the conviction, Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill took the opportunity to deliver a shout out to Trump’s team of elite pedophile ring busters.

“Alberto Randazzo’s exploitation of innocent children is unconscionable. I am grateful to our detectives in Internal Affairs, Homeland Security, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York for their work in bringing Randazzo to justice for these horrific crimes,” said O’Neill.

According to the Department of Justice: On July 12, 2016, the defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child and one count of receipt of child pornography.  According to court filings, from as early as 2010 through 2013, Randazzo targeted women through websites such as Ashley Madison and Match.com and persuaded them to sexually abuse children to whom they had access, so he could watch the abuse.

Randazzo was caught in February 2013, when a witness found disturbing text messages on Randazzo’s phone and uncovered emails from women sending Randazzo pictures of them molesting their children.  When the witness confronted him, Randazzo admitted his sexual interest in mothers having sex with their children.

[First Democrat Official Tied To Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty]

At sentencing the government presented evidence that at least five women complied with Randazzo’s solicitations and sexually abused children in order to satisfy his sexual desires.  Randazzo’s victims ranged in age from a few months to eight years old, and he traveled out of state to watch two of them be molested in person.  Randazzo arranged to have the eight-year-old victim drugged so that he would not remember the abuse.

Three of the women Randazzo solicited have also been charged in the Eastern District of New York. Two have pleaded guilty, one of whom was sentenced to five years imprisonment, one of whom is awaiting sentencing, and another is awaiting trial.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Low hanging fruit on a Huge USA Federal Pedophile tree. Small fry thrown to the crowd to try to protect the like of Trump’s “good friends”, the Clintons, both known Pedophiles, involved in trafficking children, and they are still running around spending their ill gotten gains.

    • That’s what I am seeing John. Not got a good feeling about this. It is starting to look like a placebo is being offered at best.

    • Totally agree. 3 months into office and not one single federal level person or elite corporate person has been prosecuted for ANYTHING, let alone pedophilia. Even if for some unknown reason it wasn’t ‘possible’ to go after the top dogs like the Clintons, there is ZERO excuse for not going after all of the rest at the high levels. ZERO.

      All they are doing at this point is pruning the lower branches on the pedo tree.

      • You have to give Trump the benefit of the doubt and some patience. The organization that runs these pedo rings is probably eager to jump at the chance to take Trump out. If they haven’t already, they will make their threats known to him. The threats will certainly be against his wife and kids. I’m for hanging all these pedos and I’ll donate 1,000′ of rope for the job. Its really up to us to stop these folks by supporting Trump, and the only way to do that is the break down the plutocracy that runs the corporations that have overthrown our Republic.

        The only way to do that is for 10s of millions of Americans to start boycott the corporations in the S&P 500 that sell consumer products and services, those that support progressive causes, which is 90% of them.

        We get that many folks involved, it won’t be a matter of weeks before everything changes very dramatically in our favor. You don’t attack an elephant head on, you go for its weakest point and the financial wealth of the globalists is the only way you can hurt them quickly, legally, non-violently and permanently.

        And, since Americans have never tried boycotts at this level, only a blithering idiot and fool would say, “boycotts don’t work”. The AFA started its boycott of Target about a year ago. Target’s stock dropped 25% in 6 weeks, and the AFA has 1.5 million boycott petition signers.

        You want to change things, start spending your money every day like the survival of your Republic and liberties depend on it.

        Start with boycotting United airlines, but be sure to boycott at least 100 more while you’re expending the mental energy, because boycotts take no money and almost no physical effort.

        • It’s not just pedos, though. There are plenty of other scumbags he could be busting. I hope it’s all 4D chess like Alex says, but it’s really starting to look bad.

          • Alex is full of bull! Alex either 1) works for the globalists or 2) he’s so wrapped up in HIS childishly ridiculous idea that he can defeat the globalists with his stupid paradigm of 1) listen to Alex and 2) buy Alex’s products to support him, that he should be put in an institution. I actually think its #2). He actually thinks his efforts alone are going to stop the globalists, when in 22 years Alex and his Infowar haven’t been a speed bump in the globalists road.

            Alex has done a superb, excellent job of informing people about things. I’ve spent $4,000 in the past 10 years on his products helping him. Nobody has done it any better, but Alex isn’t a strategist for legally and non-violently fighting back with the goal of defeating the globalists. He doesn’t have a legitimate plan, and he has failed to do the one thing that is going to defeat these folks, getting his supporters involved doing things that will harm them; legal and non-violent things.

            Alex does not have one clue about how to defeat these people (emphasis added)! Its not his gift. He’s a harddrive. He has almost a photographic memory. He IS also an excellent researcher, and he has a source(s) that gives him a lot of valuable information. He’s not an application software with the ability to legally and non-violently harm these folks.

            And no matter what Alex does, if the American people don’t start fighting back in unconventional, legal and non-violent ways, asymmetric ways, they are defeated. Heck, our Republic was overthrown by the globalists, probably 20 years ago. Time was short two years ago, 5 years ago. I suspect there’s very little time left at all, and yet, Americans and especially Alex’s Infowarriors, do nothing but sit on their rear ends and DO NOTHING! Listening to Alex won’t defeat these folks. It can’t do that. No war in the entire recorded history of Earth was won with people sitting on their beehinds and DOING NOTHING.

    • Notice that this arrest took place during the Obama administration! But….I totally agree with you…..this is just the low hanging fruit.

      • Every low fruit on the pedo tree gets arrested, they try to make the headlines sound like trump is really going after them. If he was, at least a third of the elected officials at the federal level, along with about at least a third of the MSM talking heads would be in jail.

  2. It doesn’t stop with him! It is in the political ring from A to Z! This country is being run by only what I could describe as Demons or Evil Aliens, or just plain inhuman species. It sounds crazy, but how else can you explain it?

  3. These low life predators need a good smack down , maybe a good water board encounter will lead to the top predators.

  4. If there is any justice one of these low profile pedophiles will throw an elite under the bus. If not, The people will take this country back as we did on November 8th. There are plenty of us out here that have done their own research. Pedophilia is a YUGE PROBLEM. We don’t need Trump to win this war. Hey we may find out he brought a scuba tank to the swamp. He just may be swimming at the bottom with the rest of the swamp creatures. Until he pulls a rabbit out of his hat I’m skeptical.

  5. Then they tell us to have faith in the police. This scumbag was out to serve and protect HIMSELF. He should face 20 times the penalty that a regular citizen would face.

  6. Baxter—-You are losing credibility with me………You say this is TRUMP investigating—and this whole thing took place during the Obama administration.

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