Off Duty NYPD Cop Shoots Man Dead During Road Rage

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An off-duty NYPD officer shot dead a 37-year-old man in front of his wife and kids during a road rage incident in Brooklyn.

The Daily Mail reports:

Two cars almost collided on Atlantic Avenue and Bradford St. in Cypress Hill around midnight on Sunday.

Delron (Smalls) Dempsey, 37, got out of his Kia EX and approached the other car involved, a Nissan Altima.

The officer sat in his Nissan as the confrontation flared up. Father-of-three, Dempsey, then attacked the sitting officer through the car window, according to police. He is then said to have fired at Dempsey three times because he feared for his life.

But another account told by an eyewitness claims it was the officer who was the aggressor.

Construction worker, Lloyd Banks, 43, told The Daily News: ‘Delron and the cop’s car almost hit each other. And Delron got out of the car and the cop just jumped out and started screaming.

‘He just shot him right there on the street. Delron was unarmed. His wife and kids were still in the car. They saw everything.’

Dempsey was pronounced dead at the scene but his body remained on the street covered in a plastic sheet around four hours after the shooting.

Paramedics took the officer, who was not in uniform, to Jamaica Medical Center where he was treated for bruises to the head.

Dempsey’s brother Ali found out about the shooting from Banks and a second brother, Bryan Williams.

‘My little brother was driving in the car with his family on his way to see me,’ the 43-year-old said, identifying the children as two teenage girls and a newborn son.

Speaking to NBC, he said witnesses told him the officer shot ‘on impulse.’ He also defended his brother, saying that he left his car because he didn’t want to argue in front of his family.

‘The only reason he got out of the car was because the family was in the car. He was concerned. He wanted to question the guy, like, what’s your angle?’ Dempsey said.

‘And that was his angle… he killed him.’

NYPD’s Force Investigation Division is reviewing the shooting. Officers are still stationed outside the hospital as detectives continue their work.

The off-duty officer has not been identified but it is known that he works for the 79th Precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Delron Dempsey was from Jersey City but grew up in East New York.nypd


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