New York Lawmakers Start Impeachment Process Against Draconian Democrat Andrew Cuomo

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New York lawmakers start impeachment process against Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York lawmakers on Thursday began the impeachment process against Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Assembly Republicans announced a resolution to create an impeachment commission, the first crucial step in the process of impeaching and ousting Cuomo.

The announcement comes just 24 hours after New York Senate Democrats moved on Wednesday to strip Governor Andrew Cuomo of his Emergency pandemic powers.

Per Newsweek:

On Thursday, Assembly Republicans announced a resolution to create an impeachment commission consisting of eight bipartisan members of the legislature. The panel would have 60 days to conduct its work and submit its findings and recommendations to the state legislature.

“The Cuomo Administration’s nursing home cover-up is one of the most alarming scandals we’ve seen in state government,” Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said in a statement. “It is incumbent upon the Legislature to undertake a comprehensive, bipartisan review of the Cuomo Administration’s policies, decisions and actions on this matter and render a decision on what steps must be taken to hold the governor accountable.” reports: The FBI and US Attorney in Brooklyn are reportedly investigating Governor Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes amid the Covid pandemic.

Thousands of nursing home residents in New York died because of Andrew Cuomo’s edict ordering Covid patients back into the nursing homes.

Last Thursday an audio was leaked of New York Governor Cuomo’s top aide apologizing to Democrat lawmakers for intentionally withholding the state’s COVID nursing home death toll from them.

During a press conference on Monday, Cuomo blamed ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘misinformation’ and said the nursing home scandal is a “political spin” while he threw healthcare workers under the bus.


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  3. Where were these az hats a year ago? We NYers have been demanding his removal since last year when we ALL knew what he was doing. Just another godvernment fail. Nothing to see here….

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