Michael Moore: ‘White Men Have BIG Responsibility to Make Amends for Trump Era’

Fact checked
Director Michael Moore claims white men have a responsibility to make amends after Trump era ends

Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore is blaming white men for the rise of President Trump, demanding in his recent podcast that they “make amends” for the current administration.

The far-left activist dedicated a significant amount of time during his podcast Rumble with Michael Moore to attacking conservative white men.

“Men — especially white men have a big responsibility to make amends for the Trump era,” Moore said on Thursday’s show. “Those amends will happen. People will see the error of their ways.”

Contrary to what Moore claims, in the 2016 election, Trump actually won 52 percent of white women votes and 52 percent of the male vote overall.

Moore also boasted the days of white men being the dominant demographic in the U.S. are numbered.

“They will be the minority. They’re already the minority.”

Breitbart.com reports: The Oscar-winning filmmaker touched on abortion during his meandering podcast, threatening certain members of the U.S. Supreme Court with removal. “It will have taken years to get some of these people off the Supreme Court. Some may need to be impeached,” he said.

Moore also spent Thursday’s episode mourning the demise of the Bernie Sanders campaign, doling out harsh words for Democrats who engaged in verbal smears against the socialist candidate.

“Shame on all of you who would say those things about this individual,” Moore said.

But he also offered words of encouragement to those who supported the failed candidate: “Don’t despair about this. Bernie has laid the groundwork for this movement, for a better life, a better country, a better planet.”