US Lawmakers Move to Ban Vaccinated People Donating Blood: ‘Purebloods Only’

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Vaccinated people will no longer be able to donate mRNA-tainted blood in Montana under new legislation proposed by lawmakers concerned with “adverse patient outcomes.”

The lawmakers say “purebloods” should have the right to receive blood from donors that has not been “modified” by the shots.

House Bill 645 would make it illegal to donate blood if the donor has received an mRNA Covid shot. It would also make it a crime to accept blood from Covid vaccinated individuals.

Citing serious health concerns, the legislation seeks to ensure that donated blood supply only comes from “purebloods” – people who have not been injected with mRNA shots.

Additionally, the bill would also ban people suffering from “long Covid” from donating blood.

“There is a scientific reason for it,” the Independent Sentinel explained in a report on the legislation.

The report notes that at present approximately 80% of the state’s blood supply comes from vaccinated donors.

Someone receiving such a donation will likely get blood with “a significant amount of spike protein from mRNA vaccines.”

Slay report: Lawmakers in the state argue that it’s unacceptable for a person who chooses not to be vaccinated to receive blood that contains these spike proteins.

The Daily Montanan said opponents of the legislative plan charge that such a limit would “leave patients at risk of even death.”

A critic of the measure, Cliff Numark, of Vitalant, a blood collection organization, is warning against the move.

Numark said the change could lead to “adverse patient outcomes including unnecessary and unconscionable death.”

However, supporters of the bill argue that the issue is about medical autonomy.

Proponents say purebloods should have the right to receive blood from donors that has not been modified by the shots.

“I’m one of many who believe in the God-given right of medical freedom, which is having access to genetically unmodified blood during a time of need,” Jo Vilhauer from Miles City, told the publication.

“This is a vital part of health autonomy.”

The bill, introduced by Rep. Greg Kmetz (R), references spike proteins induced by the vaccine and found in persons suffering long Covid as one factor the vaccinated blood needs to be rejected.

Last Friday, Rep. Kmetz noted that he introduced the legislation after encouragement from his constituents.

Voters say they are concerned that proper research hasn’t been conducted into the effect spike protein-tainted blood could have on blood recipients.

“For years now we’ve heard the words ‘safe and effective,’ Kmetz said.

“Our entire planet has echoed these words. Safe and effective.

“We’ve seen two presidents utter these words.

“We have seen top government medical spokesman utter these same words.

“We’ve seen two Montana governors utter these same words…many of my constituents’ questions, just because we hear these two words ‘safe and effective’ a million-plus times, does that make them true?”

Kmetz also reportedly noted constituents were suspicious about the federal government’s scheme to “eradicate” a disease with “over a 99% survival rate.”

People in search of untainted “safe blood” can visit for help or info on receiving or donating unvaccinated blood.

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