Federal Reserve Bank To Launch Phase One of CBDC In July

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digital-currency CBDC

The United States Federal Reserve is launching a digital payment system to usher in Central Bank digital currency (CBDC)

The launch date for its long-awaited instant payments system, which many see as an alternative to central bank digital currencies and stablecoins, has been confirmed.

CoinTelegraph reports: The instant payment network will settle payments in seconds and can support transactions between consumers, merchants and banks. It does not rely on blockchain technology.

It’s a significant step for the government, as it is controlled by the Federal Reserve. Clearing House’s RTP network, which also offers real-time payments, is operated by a consortium of large banks. 

According to a March 15 announcement, the U.S. Fed said the debut of FedNow is set for July, with the U.S. Treasury and a “diverse mix of financial institutions of all sizes” ready to use the network from launch.

The Fed said it will “begin the formal certification of participants” during the first week of April in preparation for the launch.

“Early adopters will complete a customer testing and certification program, informed by feedback from the FedNow Pilot Program, to prepare for sending live transactions through the system,” the announcement reads.


  1. Sure Remember they promised us that when we accepted online banking all of our transactions would be electronic so would be instant 24/7/365 since they would all ne electronically processed not needing any human intervention? Remember? Well they lied didn’t they? Yes they did And no the transactions aren’t instantly paid No Theyre left “pending” in the banks accounts for days even weeks. Millions of them globally 247/365.Earning interest as free loans for them. All by rule of laws facilitating.

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  4. They are already working on abolishing all physical money.
    There is not any physical money in banks to cover what people have on deposit.
    So they can’t take it out as physical money.
    If you ask for $200,000.00 cash you will not get it.
    They will give you only a small portion of it, but only after about 5 days, for them to find it.
    Then tell you the rest exists only as ‘digital currency’ in the Central banks.
    They have already set up the social credit system as well.
    Just like the covid vaXXXines and PCR tests were already made up before the Pandemic or the name Covid was given to the public by these grifters called the “elite”.

  5. IBC is digital as is nearly everything,you won`t stop progress,you`ll only be left behind without it!.

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