Yale Professor: It’s Time To Talk About ‘Forcing’ Seniors To Commit ‘Mass Suicide’

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There are far too many useless people in the world according to Yusuke Narita, a 37-year old economics professor at Yale, whose solution to the so-called problem is forced “mass suicide” of the elderly.

Speaking about forced euthanasia of the elderly to depopulate the world, Narita said the “possibility of making it mandatory in the future [will] come up in discussion.”

The economics professor’s rhetoric closely matches the extremist rhetoric coming from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, where various “experts” in recent times have expressed the desire to depopulate the earth.

The self-appointed world health czar Bill Gates has also endorsed “death panels” that sentence ordinary, law-abiding people to death for the crime of being of no use to the elite. Watch:

Breitbart report: So what’s this Yale professor’s solution to this problem? One way or another, old people have to die. Either the elderly will do the right thing and start committing mass suicide, or  *ahem* the “possibility of making it mandatory in the future [will] come up in discussion.”

China is feeling the same population strain as is the United States. Part of the problem is cultural. The American culture has transformed into something so prosperous that you can delay adolescence until you die.

Additionally, people do not feel the societal pressure to have a family anymore. In fact, the opposite is happening.

Left-wing feminists basically describe child-rearing as slavery, and the lying environmentalists claim overpopulation (which is not a problem) is killing the planet.

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