‘New 9/11’: Cancer Cloud Spreading Across US After Massive Biological Attack – Media Blackout

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Those in the know are calling it "Ohio's Chernobyl" or the "New 9/11", as the toxic fallout from the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio continues to spread across the US, contaminating the air and water.

Those in the know are calling it “Ohio’s Chernobyl” or the “New 9/11”, as the toxic fallout from the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio continues to spread across the US, contaminating the air and water.

Dead fish are turning up in the area and other animals are dying after shady government officials arrived to inexplicably set fire to derailed train cars that contained uncured vinyl chloride, which is one of the most toxic substances known to man.

Local residents are furious with the government for contaminating the air and water and attempting to cover up the event by downplaying the situation.

This is a major ecological disaster happening in real time right now, effecting real people, and the disconnect from the Biden administration is very telling.

We have to warn you there is some strong language in this video from a local man in Darlington, Pennsylvania, seven miles from East Palestine, who is understandably furious with the people responsible for the fallout.

Ashley Munoz, who grew up in the area and whose parents still live nearby, provided this disturbing report about what is really happening on the ground. According to Ashley, there is a cover up going on.

More and more local residents are coming to the conclusion this was an intentional act.

According to Sil Caggiano, a HAZMAT expert who doesn’t mince his words, the US government “nuked” East Palestine.

According to the locals, the way the officials handled the scene after the derailment simply beggars belief. Only one train car was leaking, yet the officials used “small explosives” to blow holes in the other tankers that contained PV so it would leak out and they could set it on fire. They did this apparently without making any effort to remove the other less volatile but also highly toxic chemicals from the area first.

It sounds too crazy to be true, but that’s what they did. And the officials and mainstream media are engaging in a criminal cover up of the truth.

And it’s not just the people in the immediate vicinity who are effected.

The derailment and toxic airborne event has taken place in a very strategic location in order to effect tens of millions of people.

The Ohio River, which serves over 10% of the US Population, has reportedly become contaminated due to chemicals from the train derailment. The river supplies public drinking water to over 5 million people in addition to industries all the way to West Virginia, effecting over 30 million people who live in the Ohio River Basin.

But it gets even worse.

A Hollywood movie about a train derailment in Ohio was filmed in the same location where the actual derailment occurred and many of the extras in the movie were locals from East Palestine, Ohio. Many of these locals were involved in filming scenes involving evacuations from the area. Fast forward a few months and they are evacuating from the area in real life.

Local news is trying to claim this is simply “life imitating art.”

But seriously, what are the odds of this happening? Given that we know the global elite like to mock us, is this another example of “predictive programming?”

Considering the astronomical odds of life imitating art in this way, and given the fact we know that the global elite like to mock us, an expression immediately comes to mind: “Revelation of the Method”.

Originating from ancient Rosicrucian texts, this concept refers to the process of exposing people to dark realities, often in a veiled and underhanded manner, to gain implied acceptance from the masses.

Once these hidden truths are quietly and deceitfully revealed to the public and met with general apathy and indifference, they become normalized and embedded in society’s collective unconscious.

Take for example the huge number of references to 9/11 in films, TV shows and video games years before the attacks actually happened. Examples include the Simpsons, Back to the Future and more.

Some occultists compare this normalization process to the alchemical “Great Work” where the world is “transmuted” according to the will of the occult elite.

In his book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman explained why the elite like to rub our faces in it:

The alchemical principle of the Revelation of the Method has as its chief component, a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance. When this is performed in a veiled manner accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolical words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target(s), it is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind-rape.

Since the advent of mass media, the Revelation of the Method has become increasingly obvious. While, in the past, the elite operated in complete secrecy, it now seeks to operate in plain sight.

The Ohio train derailment and subsequent cover-up fits perfectly into the “Revelation of the Method” concept.

And now we are expected to believe that train derailments are normal.

Emergency officials are currently responding to two more train derailments, one in South Carolina and the other near Houston, Texas, which was transporting 16 carriages of “hazardous materials.”

Please share this video with anyone you think could benefit from the information and if you are in the vicinity of the derailment, please follow Hazmat expert Sil Caggiano’s advice and go and see a doctor right away.

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