Trump Team Now BANNED From Emailing Supporters by Mail Provider

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Trump campaign banned from emailing his supporters amid great purge.

The Trump campaign is now banned from emailing millions of Americans after being suspended by their email service provider.

The ban comes shortly after President Trump was permanently memory-holed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The email service provider, Campaign Monitor, boasted that the suspension will completely prevent Trump and his team from emailing his suppporters.

The Nationalist Review reports “the move effectively cuts off communication between his team and his core supporters. What is not clear however, is what other services have banned his team. The Trump campaign sends out a massive amount of emails—33 in January so far. But, it has been 48 hours since the campaign has reached out to its supporters via email, prompting most journalists to speculate that other providers have shut off access as well.” reports: In a statement, Campaign Monitor claimed that the campaign probably has other methods of sending emails to supporters.

“The self-service account associated with the Donald Trump Campaign has been suspended as of today, January 7th, 2021. Typically, political campaigns use multiple email service providers to send campaign, fundraising and other emails,” Campaign Monitor said in a statement about the ban. “Based on the low volume of emails that had been sent from the Campaign Monitor account, this is likely a very small portion of total email activity from the campaign.”

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