Biden Announces a New Plandemic Right before the Midterm Elections

Fact checked
Biden promises another pandemic in time for the midterms

The Democrats aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore. They need lockdowns and mail-in ballots to have a chance at winning the next election – and that’s exactly what they’re planning.


You have to hand it to them – they’ve discovered a loophole so that they never lose an election again.


  1. It’s Class Warfare and Bio-Warfare, all rolled into one, as a way to minimize or cancel the 2022 Elections.

  2. distractional side show as the ellect college`s VOTES are the only ones that count popular votes mean nothing.ONE% runs the dum Dums

      • TRUE it`s a mid term MY BAD!but you know limo low joe is thier shoe in in the presidential race BUT than again trump was also in his first term

      • but even so there is still alot of this rigging always and in many states it is a all out civil war dems vs R`s and they`ll kill you in the streets even at six years old if your parents an`t in thier party

        • All over the world since the employed democracy as a devious way of stealing power by dividing from within to conquer from withput they’ve Bern rigging the elections simply by controlling who can even run.

    • As if. If you read history you will understand the only rising up b/s has been orchestrated by secret societies acting for foreign powers

    • With these people in control–anything could count as a plandemic and we all have seen how corporation, LEO, medical profession etc…will all go along with it.

  3. The false-toothed, senile, incestuous, child molesting cadaver smiles, and laughs at us, as we are too cowardly to do anything to stop him.

  4. He never won No one went to his rallies Nonone likes him. No one liked him Only the biased media’s and the corrupt criminal justice system made him president Not the people

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