Nancy Pelosi: “Trump Cannot Hide From His Violations of the Law”

Fact checked
Nancy Pelosi

As radical Soros backed DA Alvin Bragg prepares to indict Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi has taken the opportunity to trash the former president.

In January, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office revived its criminal investigation into Trump’s alleged ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stephanie Clifford, AKA, Stormy Daniels and elevated the case from a misdemeanor to a felony.

GWP reorts: Trump has been accused of paying Daniels ‘hush payments’ in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

Trump has denied the affair.

This is a probe that former Manhattan DA Cy Vance decided not to pursue because he knew he didn’t have a case.

Earlier Saturday Trump said he was going to be arrested on Tuesday and called for protests.

Nancy Pelosi trashed Trump and accused him of ‘fomenting unrest among his supporters’ in a series of tweets on Saturday.


  1. The left/WEF/Deep State is trying to start a civil war so that pedo Joe
    can unleash the military on America loving patriots, because they know
    this is the ONLY way they will gain full control over us from sperm to
    urn !

    • Most likely yes It sure looks that way. And that’s really the only way a foreign power could defeat America is by staging a civil war just as they needed in Paris when France was the greatest military and economic superpower on the planet. Basically just as they needed in China to get the Empress out and basically as they needed to do in Russia as well. This time its Americas turn by the look of it and they will unroll ww2 to coincide just to make sure most of the armed deployed overseas so they can’t bring the civil war under control in in any hurry minimising deaths and destruction. And you know who to thank

  2. I don’t believe Cohen when he says he had to use election funds to pay off Stormy. I don’t believe Trump didn’t have the money for a start. I think there’s something very suspect about the whole story. We have no proof stormy even told the truth as far as I remember?
    She’s a hypocrite Everyone knows about Biden and hunter. I’ve read all about hunters hire car escapades and the drugs and his lap top and I’ve read Joe’s daughters comments on his inappropriate shower behaviour with her and yet Nancy says nothing
    And her husband and his sex worker male associate and the assault story leaves a lotof questions which infer that something very abnormal and most likely criminal was involved there too . And on tje topic what did Michelle Oba do that forced her to have to surrender her law licence.? That normally has to be something highly criminal. Why doesn’t Nancy want to know?

    • when dirty deeds done dirt cheap don`t work try and try again and sooner or later WAM the smit sticks abit to get a court room battle startup started THAT IS THE AMERICAN WAY!!! are you ready to play the GAME?……….

  3. This is a clear case of selective enforcement for political
    purposes. Many serious crimes have been ignored by the establishment for the
    benefit of the chosen ones: the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Bushes. But when
    they identify a political enemy like Donald Trump then the full force of the
    law must be applied. Arresting Donald
    Trump would make him hugely popular. Voting for him would be an act of
    rebellion against a corrupt and hypocritical political system.

  4. QUESTION: Why does Nancy Pelosi constantly lie.
    ANSWER: She has to, it is all she has.

  5. WTF crime/the dems have wasted billions on trying to dirt deed trump .YOU~LL never stop the DON NEVER and than his family will stepin cheap gas will save our tass and zero WW 4evers

  6. TRUMP should just RYD the STORM OUT and wait for the thaw out in the rocky mountain winter!!! NO CRIME in any of that

  7. TPTB are definitely setting up a grift here with good guy ‘Agent Orange’ as our savior from the bad guy ‘Pedo Joe’.
    They are working together, so that whichever side the people choose they are on the side of their true enemies.
    They are finished. We are being set up for a Syrian style fake civil war. To be followed by government attacks against their own people.
    Foreign mercenaries, playing citizens of the USA, will come in and do the dirty deeds for the citizens to be blamed, arrested ‘tortured and punished for.
    Just like the operation on Jan 6th.
    That was a ‘test run’.
    They got away with it, so they will use it again.
    Any efforts we the people choose to use against the enemy will be taken over by one or the other faux sides of the same side=the NWO, the enemies of God, our souls and all that is holy.
    Bolshevik style: divide and conquer.
    In the end, the jews are all going to their own separate Hell.
    The gentiles who served the jews as freemasonic ‘temporary useful idiot ‘honorary jews’ against the rest of the gentiles have their own Hell waiting for them.
    Former Christians like Biden and Pelosi, who turned to satanists will go to their own private Hell.
    The doctors and medical people who played along with the covid Con have already made their own personal Hell that awaits them.
    The people who serve the enemies of God, will never see God or ever know his love again.
    I am very sad for all of them.
    I wish they would all repent and return to God.
    Except for the ones that already lost God and their souls, when they crucified him 2000 years ago, the jews.
    I have no pity for them. They actually do believe their own lies: Hell is heaven and evil is good.
    They have no other option anyway, so prayers for them are useless.
    Please pray that our leaders, who are on their way to eternal Hell, repent and return to God, before it is too late.
    The final Judgement is coming 6 weeks after the warning.
    After Russia and China invade, and they are also going to play the good guys out to take down the NWO grift, to get your compliance and adoration, while they strip you of your children, bibles and everything else and send you away to be slaves in Chinese and Russian hell holes.
    While they take over what was once one nation under God, until the jewish mafia killed JFK and took over america as theirs to exploit, abuse, destroy and desecrate with everything antichrist, evil and jewish.
    Their unholy filth and immorality, has made this one ruined nation under Lucifer’s rule.

  8. and when trump begins his second term in office, Pelosi, Hunter, Joe and every criminal Libtard in office will be taken down just like they did to him viciously since his first term

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