Lindsey Graham Vows to Bring ‘Weasel’ Comey to Justice over Russia Witch Hunt

Fact checked
Lindsey Graham vows to prosecute James Comey over phony Russia witch-hunt

Senator Lindsey Graham has vowed to haul former FBI Director James Comey before Congress to answer questions over his role in instigating the Russia witch hunt.

Over the weekend, after Mueller exonerated Trump, the ridiculous “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory came crashing down. One of the key architects of conspiracy theory, James Comey, was out and about enjoying nature at the time the report was released. reports: Like Robert Francis O’Rourke, he was walking the land, exploring, and thinking what were, no doubt, very deep thoughts.

First, he looked at the ocean and pondered the unknowable expanse of ‘geologic time.”

Then, he wandered the forest moon of Endor, where he pondered “so many questions.”

OK, fine. Endor’s not real. He’s in California…

Maybe, just maybe, those questions included “How much trouble am I in?” and “Will I spend geologic time behind bars?”

After all, it’s clear that Comey’s congressional testimony was dodgy at best.  Not only did he fudge his answers about leaking classified material to the press, he also (as Dan reported earlier) knew more about the Steele dossier than he wanted to admit.

Perhaps that’s why Lindsey Graham appears to be threatening Comey with another round of interrogation – this time predicated on the idea that there was never any reason for the former FBI chief to feel “queasy” in the first place.   Unless, of course, he was doing something untoward…

Graham held a presser earlier today, in which he attacked double standards regarding the Steele dossier and mentions a phone call with William Barr – to discuss “what’s next.”

You can watch that here, but it’s clear that Lindsey 2.0 is not finished with this matter..


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