Video: HUGE Underground City May Be Largest Ever Found

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A huge 5,000 year-old underground city thought to be the largest in the world has been discovered in central Turkey.

The subterranean settlement was discovered in the Nevşehir province of Turkey’s Central Anatolia region, in the historical area of Cappadocia.


The city dates back as far as 5,000 years and is located near the NevÅŸehir fortress.  The Cappadocia region, where this city and other underground cities are located, is ripe for underground habitation because the volcanic rock is easy to carve.


The city was found during a dig, preparing to build a new section of the modern-day city.  Since the discovery, all construction was halted and attention has been shifted to excavation.  At least 44 historical objects have been removed and preserved so far.

The city was first noticed as spires began popping up through the dirt in 2013; it is only recently that the realization occured that this is the largest underground city ever discovered.


Here is a video, highlighting the region and the underground caves that lie an hour drive south of the giant city

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