46% Of Britons Assocciate The Battle Of Waterloo With ABBA

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In the buildup to the 200th anniversary of the “Battle of Waterloo” which shaped the European and World landscapes, a survey was carried out in Britain.

It showed the ignorance of today’s public over the historic battle.

Nearly half of those surveyed, associated the battle which defeated Napoleon and shaped today’s Europe, with the famous Swedish Pop group, ABBA, and their song: WATERLOO.

Art Daily reports: The poll of 2,070 people for the National Army Museum found 73 percent either knew nothing or next to nothing about the battle, one of the most important in the nation’s history.

When asked what came to mind when Waterloo was mentioned, 54 percent of people aged 18 to 24 said the London railway station named after the battle, while 46 percent cited the Eurovision-winning song by Swedish pop group ABBA.

The Battle of Waterloo, fought outside Brussels in 1815, saw the Duke of Wellington lead the British and allied forces to a final, decisive victory over French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

But the survey found only 53 percent knew Wellington commanded the British troops.

Charge of the Scots Greys_Scotland Forever
Charge of the Scots Greys_Scotland Forever!

The other 47 percent thought it could have been 16th-century navigator Francis Drake, Britain’s World War II prime minister Winston Churchill, King Arthur, who ruled in the fifth century, and even the wizard Albus Dumbledore from the “Harry Potter” books.

Fourteen percent thought Napoleon actually won.

“Despite the Battle of Waterloo being an iconic moment in British history, UK public awareness is dramatically low,” said Janice Murray, director-general of the National Army Museum.

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Morne Plaine

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