Doctors Are Harnessing The Power Of Gold To Treat Cancer

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Does the precious metal hold the key to killing cancerous cells?

According to new research conducted at Rice University in Texas, doctors have begun successfully treating cancer patients with gold.

Ancient Chinese alchemists and modern cutting-edge medical doctors have one thing in common: the belief that humanity has been using gold for the wrong purposes. Rather than using it for currency or making it into jewelry to flaunt wealth, we should be using it to heal ourselves and cure cancer.

In the second century A.D., during the Han dynasty, a Chinese alchemist known as Wei Boyang wrote:

Gold is the most valuable thing in all the world because it is immortal and never gets rotten. Alchemists eat it, and they enjoy longevity.

Nearly two thousand years later, the most precious metal in the world is being used as part of a cutting-edge approach to prolong the lives of cancer patients.

Smithsonian reports:

Though they didn’t quite capture the details, Wei Boyang and other ancients who associated gold’s long-lasting luster with good health were surprisingly prescient. Gold’s immortality—the fact that it doesn’t interact with most compounds and thus doesn’t corrode—makes it essentially nontoxic to the body. This characteristic gives it huge potential value in medicine, for mundane procedures like dental fillings and, in the era of nano­technology, for diagnosing and treating deadly diseases.

“There are an enormous number of people using gold nanoparticles,” says Chad Mirkin, a chemist at Northwestern University whose own studies focus on how the particles could help turn off genes that cause disease. “We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of researchers around the world.”

One surprising approach comes out of research conducted at Rice University in Texas, along with the MD Anderson Cancer Center and other institutes. Oncologists are now injecting cancer patients with ultra-tiny, gold-wrapped spheres. The nano­particles, each smaller than a red blood cell, accumulate in a tumor after slipping out of the bloodstream through little holes in the tumor’s rapidly growing vessels. Once there, the gold waits—until an oncologist blasts it with near-infrared light.

Despite gold’s shiny quality, the spheres are made to absorb rather than reflect certain wavelengths of light, a property used against the cancer cells. “We artificially contaminate the tumor,” says Sunil Krishnan of MD Anderson. The nanoparticles convert the light into heat, and as temperatures in the tumor climb above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the cancer cells deform, shrivel and then disintegrate.

In experiments in mice, Krishnan is zapping the scraps of pancreatic cancer remaining after a tumor is removed surgically. But clinical trials in people, including for cancers of the head, neck and lungs, are targeting tumors without surgery.

Although gold can be expensive, some potential therapies use as little as 3 percent of the amount in a typical wedding band. Instead, the main obstacle will probably be rigorous safety tests. “One of the tenets of nano is that everything that is miniaturized is different,” says Mirkin. So researchers need to confirm that new gold-based treatments are friendly to the body.

If so, a sly little ditty written by a 17th-century herbalist who also recognized the curative powers of gold may prove true today: “For gold is cordial, And that’s the reason, Your raking misers live so long a season.”


If you wish to try gold for antimicrobial treatment, just follow the same instructions for making silver colloid. In both protocols, just use their purest form available, i.e. from 99.99% up purity, with distilled water for consistency.

Gold cancer


Resistor = 360 ohms, serves as load ballast for reducing short circuit current;
Duration = 15 to 25 minutes depending on ambient temperature, i.e. the higher the temperature, the shorter will be the processing time.
never submerge any other element or substance, metal or otherwise, into the water during the whole process.
How to use it?

It’s best to take gold, or silver, colloid before going to bed. That should give more time for the gold, or silver, ions, to work their wonder against all types of parasites, before being oxidized and flushed out of the body together with the neutralized microbes and viruses, as you take in generous amounts of ozonized drinking water the next day.

You will surely feel rejuvenated like never before once you rise for your morning routines.

Dosage: 1 tablespoon for adults, 1 teaspoon for kids, once a day.

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