Thousands Of Troops On Stand By In Case Of No-Deal Brexit

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Thousands of British troops are currently being “held at readiness” in case of a disastrous no-deal Brexit.

The government has announced that over 3,500 troops have been put on standby to handle any fallout of Britain crashing out of the European Union without having secured a withdrawal deal.

With just 100 days to go until Brexit day, the government said it will implement all of its no-deal planning ‘in full’

The announcement came as No. 10 said it would issue official advice for every family in Britain to prepare for a chaotic no-deal Brexit.

RT reports: Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson told the Commons that while no formal request has been made, ‘contingency plans are in place.’

Williamson’s statement came on the heels of the Cabinet agreeing to activate all of the 106 No Deal ‘technical notices’ issued by the UK government. The documents note a litany of potential disruptions, including grounded flights, fuel and food shortages and hospitals running low on medicines should Britain crash out of the EU in March.

In preparation for no-deal, or as a tactic to garner more concessions from the EU, the government has committed another £2 billion ($2.5mn) to help departments prepare for the potential chaos.

Cabinet intends to notify some six million British businesses to start their own no-deal preparations, according to reports in the Sun, including to some 145,000 firms that export to the EU.

The preparations come amid continued opposition to Prime Ministers Brexit deal, which if accepted by MPs would stave off a no-deal. The PM, however, has not given MPs a chance – as is their mandate – to vote on the deal, fearing defeat. The government has promised a Commons vote on the deal on the week starting Jan 14, 2019.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly accused May of delay tactics, ‘running down the clock’ so the only options are a no-deal or her deal.

Businesses have warned that Britain is unprepared to leave the bloc without a deal, The Confederation for British Industry warned that “leaving the EU in a disorderly fashion would result in disruption for businesses and families, and no deal would leave the UK poorer and less competitive in the long-term.”


  1. the eu was a failure from its conception….. failed new world order camp that’s all it is.. but wait..there are other new world order camps.. ..ohh gee..and you thought there was only ONE New World Order…. lol… silly you

  2. Theresa Mayhem has had this planned from day one .She plans to destroy all British small business s as the E U has done to us here in Portugal .Tens of thousands of small business s here all closed ,to put in the oligarths like amazon , and she will be handsomely rewarded like her evil counterpart t tony Liar.Come on you Brits get out there ,and ask the army boys to help you not kill you

  3. The evil NWO is being defeated and destroyed – more each day. May, Macron, Merckel and the others know they’re fighting a losing battle. Their battered citizens are revolting and they will not surrender to the globalists. 2019 will be a glorious year and a fresh start for the entire world. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the alliance of white hat patriots who are responsible for this. God called them for a mission like no other in history and they bravely answered His call. The battle is the LORD’s and because He wins, we win once again. Thank you, Heavenly Father!

  4. What is the one thing that unites the MSM, big tech, Hollywood, Amazon, Vatican, Monarchy, EU, Five Eyes, and Illuminati ??????…………child sex trafficking and their passive and aggressive participation in it………THAT IS THEIR ACHILLES HEEL.

    ps…………how do they accomplish it……….through OPEN BORDERS and SANCTUARY.

  5. No deal is the best result.
    The paid protesters will be organised by the violent left to instill martial law.
    May and her husband needs to have their heads taken off with a blunt axe immediately.

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