George Soros Lashes Out: ‘Americans Must Fight Evil Trump’

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George Soros has issued a scathing attack to Donald Trump, accusing him of being "evil" and urging Americans to rise up and "fight Trump".

Billionaire globalist George Soros has issued a scathing attack to Donald Trump, accusing him of being “evil” and urging the American public to rise up and “fight Trump”.

Despite the fact that numerous countries around the world are now investigating Soros for his very public agenda to usurp Democratically elected governments, the multi-billionaire penned an Op-ed for the New York Times recently explaining why Trump’s brand of ‘hate’ should not be tolerated…

When Hate Surges

Authored by George Soros via The New York Times,

President Trump has wasted no time in cracking down on immigration. He pledged to build a wall, hire 15,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agents and speedily deport millions of undocumented immigrants. He justified these actions by claiming that immigrants regularly flout the “rule of law and pose a threat.” In his first speech to Congress, he directed the Department of Homeland Security to create a new office — Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement, or Voice — dedicated to helping victims of crimes perpetrated by “removable aliens.”

I am an immigrant and an American citizen, and, as a philanthropist, have supported migrants all over the world for more than 30 years. Based on my experience and the facts, the president’s approach to immigrants is just wrong — and a new round of court injunctions against Mr. Trump’s latest proposed travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries suggests many in the federal judiciary agree. It does nothing to make America safer, while whipping up emotions against immigrants that have translated into an alarming surge in hate incidents all across our nation. My heart goes out to the victims of violence, whatever the source. But in the name of protecting the population from a relatively minor source of concern, he is branding all immigrants as criminals.

Contrary to Mr. Trump’s claims, immigrants commit significantly less crime than native-born citizens. This has been borne out in study after study, using a wide range of methodologies, dating back decades. According to the nonpartisan American Immigration Council, the percentage of the population that is foreign-born grew to 13.1 percent from 7.9 percent between 1990 and 2013. F.B.I. data shows that the violent crime rate dropped 48 percent during that time and today remains near historic lows. A recent study by the Journal on Ethnicity in Criminal Justice shows that immigrants actually drive down crime rates in the neighborhoods where they live.

But targeting immigrants and minorities with false and prejudicial rhetoric, as Mr. Trump has done during the campaign and in the early weeks of his presidency, has spurred a surge in hate acts against them. The Southern Poverty Law Center found that hate incidents reported in the first few weeks following Mr. Trump’s victory were at levels normally seen over a six-month period. No community appears safe from this rash of hate — with reports like school bullying against Muslim children, stories of Latinos being harassed on the street and told to “go back to your country,” attacks on blacks and gays, and the desecration of Jewish cemeteries. This is a country that prides itself on neighbors looking out for one another. In Donald Trump’s America, we are increasingly at one another’s throats.

As hate incidents surged after the election last fall, I announced a $10 million investment to provide legal and social services to victims of hate crimes, to encourage local organizations across the country to do the same and to propose improvements and new ideas. This week we opened our Hate Incident Database to monitor the scope and depth of hate incidents across the country.

Having survived the Nazi persecution of Jews in Hungary, I escaped from Soviet occupation at age 17 and made my way first to Britain and then to America. This is not the America that attracted me. I have seen the damage done when societies succumb to the fear of the “other.” And I will do all I can to help preserve the openness, inclusiveness and diversity that represent our greatest strength.

Demonizing immigrants weakens our country. Fighting against hate crimes makes us grow stronger together.


  1. The gall of this De-humanized Zionist Psychopath talking about himself.
    ” The trick of the psychopath’s trade, make us believe that evil comes from others.” Henry See

  2. Why is this Rothschild bend-over Soros and his family allowed to remain here…hang’em or lock’em op

  3. lol the new york times are scum trash losers who are so useless the should shoot them selfs and that bastard needs to crawl back into hell.

  4. Ok now let me get this straight… soros..the child molester/murderer/occultist/piece of shit….is calling The President of the united states evil?…. umm are you sure hes not missed his medication today and confused Mr Trump as Obama lover of Michael the tranny?.. because Obama the lover of Michael the tranny is definatley evil.. yes that must be it…he has missed his morning medication … silly little old geriatric.. foolish he is

  5. Don’t worry Georgie, WE the PEOPLE will gladly step up and fight evil. That’s why we’re pissed at YOU!

  6. Soros you are the true evil. You turned over your fellow Jews to the Nazis and than stole from the jews to become wealthy.

  7. His heart goes out to….liar. he doesn’t have a heart! And we the people don’t believe a word he says…or writes.

  8. Look how much damage 1 Billionaire can do!! Never mind ALL of them with their various agendas. That is why there will be UnCivil WAR in every country soon, when the World Economy Crashes and They Shall Not Escape!! All we can be is Spiritual and Preach the Gospel of Truth to the Unsaved. Then if we walk in the Spirit of God, we will be saved when the Lord returns. Even so come, Lord Jesus Amen. That is why we are on this Earth.

  9. THis man worked for the Nazis. Not because he was forced to. Because he made a ton of money for doing it. Helping kill his fellow Jews. He’s as bad a person as you will ever find.

  10. Keep it up Soros, we’ll stand up, when that happens hell will shake beneath our feet, led by the army of the living God and hell’s fire raining down on all you evildoers. And we’ll be coming for you, the head of the snake. Some Holy Biblical shit of the likes you’ve never seen. And then you’ll know why they say God Bless America.
    Until then though? We’ll pray it doesn’t have to come to that… Take care

  11. Got to reply to this one, even though its way the origional article was published…
    Mr Trump? It’s PRESIDENT Trump to you. And your opinions are very WRONG. My Husbond’s grandfather was a ‘White’ Russian. After his whole unit surrendered up their arms and were granted refuge into Switzerland, he Immigrated to the USA. You want to enter the USA you do it LEGALLY, follow the laws and apply for Citizenship. You do NOT assult and jump over the border in massive, uninvited swarms. Old Rome/Itally fell due to massive Barbarian invasions, AND massive governmental corruption. The USA is a republic, not a Democracy, We also do not bow down to Elites , nor Dictators, nor Kings. We the people rule. And God’s Karma will catch up with all evil doers.

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