President Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Abortion In All 50 States

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President Trump affirmed he’s committed to protecting the rights of the unborn and is set to ban abortion in all 50 states.

President Trump on Thursday affirmed he’s committed to protecting the rights of the unborn in all 50 states and is set to use the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice to ensure abortion is banned nationwide.

In a letter to attendees of the 2018 Annual National Right to Life conference in Kansas, the president said he believes his duty to defend American life includes the lives of the unborn.

We all have a duty to defend the most basic and fundamental human right—the right to life. As President, I am dedicated to protecting the lives of every American, including the unborn,” the president wrote to conference attendees.

Now, 45 years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion for American women, President Trump is set to use his nomination for the vacant Supreme Court seat to ensure the most fundamental human right — the right to life — is once again respected by constitutional law.

Pro-abortion activists are already in meltdown, admitting Justice Kennedy’s retirement represents a “dire, immediate danger” to women’s legal right to terminate their unborn children. And they are right to fear Trump. As the Guardian reports, “All of the potential nominees shortlisted by the Trump administration are believed to be jurists who would overturn the landmark decision, Roe v Wade, given the opportunity.”

The president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Ilyse Hogue, also understands that abortion is set to be banned in all 50 states by a Trump administration determined to protect the lives of all Americans. “Today, Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, and because President Trump will nominate the next supreme court justice, a woman’s constitutional right to access legal abortion is in dire, immediate danger.”

Not content with ruffling pro-abortionist feathers by nominating all jurists who are determined to overturn the abortion law in the United States, President Trump further outlined his position by affirming that his administration is moving towards outlawing the abortion industry, while congratulating the National Right to Life Committee’s long term work in defending “our nation’s most vulnerable.”

The president’s message was read during the opening general session of the convention and received a standing ovation from a room full of pro-life campaigners, according to National Right to Life Committee Communications Director Derrick Jones.

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Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement has re-engergized pro-life activists, who are already responsible for passing laws in many states that protect the lives of some unborn children.

In Iowa, pro-life activists successfully passed a ban on abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is usually about six weeks after conception.

According to the Guardian:

Activists intended for the law to end up in court, which it has, where it could be appealed to higher and higher courts. Eventually, they hoped, it would land in the supreme court. Trump has also made dozens of conservative nominations to lower courts, making it more likely for Wade vs Roe to be challenged in the supreme court.

Kennedy’s departure is Trump’s second opportunity to nominate a justice to a lifetime supreme court seat. There are nine justices, four conservative and four liberal. Kennedy, 82, considered a moderate conservative, was an unpredictable swing vote.

Trump pledged to use the same shortlist of justices released when he nominated his first supreme court justice, conservative Neil Gorsuch. The list was assembled with help from the Federalist Society, an anti-abortion, conservative legal organization.

Among those on the shortlist is William Pryor, an Alabama judge who once called Roe the “worst abomination in the history of constitutional law”. He also wrote that the decision “led to the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn children”.

Another shortlisted judge is Charles Canady of Florida. As a congressman, Canady coined the term “partial birth abortion” to describe the surgical procedure, and introduced a bill to ban the practice in 1995.

Trump has meticulously laid the groundwork to ban abortion in all 50 states, and he is set to ensure the vacant Supreme Court seat — the swing seat — will be given to a pro-life conservative. The balance of power is about to shift to the right.

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