Israel Planning To Attack Houthis In Yemen

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Israel is planning to bomb Houthi and Hezbollah targets in South West Yemen to prevent them receiving weapons from Iran according to Kuwaiti media.

A report in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jaridah claimed that the Israeli spy agency Mossad as well as Israel’s Military Intelligence were looking for alleged attempts to deliver weapons from Iran.

The report follows several Israeli attacks on targets in Iraq.

RT reports: Mossad and Israeli military intelligence are on the hunt for any attempts by Iran to deliver weapons, and the Houthis have transferred some of their drones and missiles to Iraq to confuse the Israelis.

Iraq closed its airspace last week to all “unauthorized” flights – including US aircraft – after an alleged Israeli airstrike on an arms depot belonging to the state-sponsored militia Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) near Baghdad killed a civilian and wounded nearly 40 others. Iraqi officials have said the strikes could not have happened without US approval, and PMU second-in-command Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes holds the US “fully responsible” for the Israeli attacks.

“Instead of chasing Daesh terrorists, US military aircraft are collecting information and data concerning the brigades of Popular Mobilization Units, and their warehouses and arms depots,” al-Mohandes said in a statement on Wednesday.

 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted during a visit to Iraq in January that the US would not react to Israeli attacks against PMU forces, which are on friendly terms with Iran.

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