Top Republican Says No More Money For Ukraine ‘Until We Get An Audit & An Inspector General’

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GOP rep Massie on Ukraine aid

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie is demanding more scrutiny into how the taxpayer dollars are being used to fund the defense effort in Ukraine.

Massie serves on the highly influential House Committee on Oversight and Reform, the top investigative body of the House of Representatives.

The Committee investigates fraud, waste, and abuse of US taxpayer dollars.

Breitbart reports: The Kentucky Republican argued for an audit and inspector general investigation before Congress appropriated more money for Ukraine.

“We should absolutely refuse to send another single penny there until we get an audit and an Inspector General,” he said. “Senator Rand Paul tried to make the stand in the Senate, only got 11 of his colleagues there to agree that we need an Inspector General. Look, in Afghanistan, we were spending about $50 billion a year. We’re on course to spend about twice of that in Ukraine, and we had an Inspector General in Afghanistan. We absolutely need one here.

“We found all sorts of waste fraud and abuse from Inspector General John Sopko, so we need one here in the Ukraine immediately, and we shouldn’t be spending any more money,” Massie said. “And there’s one other thing we should demand. You know, the guy that you quoted there said, we’ll do it for as long as it takes. The thing we never had in Afghanistan, and we don’t have in Ukraine, is what is your definition of victory? Are you going to retake Crimea? What’s your definition of victory? The American voters deserve to know.”


  1. At least he’s acknowledged its the third Crimean War. As for the committee, forget it they’ve been over sighting everything and they only make public announcements after independent journalism forces them too.

  2. And the American people want a refund of every penny sent “to Ukraine” since Biden took office.
    The money laundering and funding of civil wars must end.

  3. Biden probably gets a kick back on every dollar he sends over there, just like I believe he gets a kick back on all the hundreds of millions he spends on so-called vaccines. The man is the definition of absolute power and absolute corruption. American government, in general, is a really bad joke.

  4. This is just the start. One thing will connect to another & another… Lots more corrupt govmt. agencies & corporations need to be audited, too. “You are witnessing the destruction of the old guard.” Q

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