Clinton Audio Leaked When She Thought Mic Was Turned Off

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What does Hillary Clinton have to say about Donald Trump, Chris Christie and the general state of the election when she is not being recorded? Luckily for some, a recording has been leaked from her recent appearance on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews.

Clinton Off The Record

In the audio recording, the presumed Democratic candidate asks why Christie has decided to back Donald Trump, asking “did he have a debt?”

The audio of Clinton ‘off the record’ has recently been released via, with writer Sam Lisker reporting:

The Washington Post posted audio from a commercial break at Monday night’s MSNBC Democratic town hall at Ohio State University in which she and Hardball host Chris Matthews chatted away to kill the time. And some of it was illuminating, like the conversation about Donald Trump and his new sidekick, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“You guys can’t stop covering (Trump),” Clinton said to Matthews. “He is a dangerous presence.”

Matthews seemed to put the onus on the viewer. “Nobody can tell what people want to watch,” he said. “They laugh at him.”

The conversation then shifted to Christie, with Clinton asking why he’s supporting Trump. “Did he have a debt?” she asked.

And in a real cliffhanger, the audio ends with Matthews asking Clinton if she watched “the end of Downton Abbey.” But before Clinton could answer, the audio stopped. We’re going to guess the answer would have been “no.” She’s a little busy right about now.

What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s leaked audio?

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