9,000-Year-Old ‘Stonehenge’ Megastructure Found Under Lake Michigan Rewrites History As We Know It

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While scanning beneath the waters of Lake Michigan for shipwrecks, archeologists found an ancient structure far more interesting than anything they were expecting.

While searching the busy 19th- and 20th-century maritime trade route using remote sensing techniques, Mark Holley, professor of underwater archaeology at Northwestern Michigan University, came across a rock that he said bears a prehistoric carving of a mastodon.

On further investigation, he discovered a mile-long Stonehenge-like megastructure of ancient stones that is threatening to rewrite history as we know it. 

The extraordinary discovery has stunned the archeological community and raises the question: is everything we have been taught about history a lie? Watch:

The mini-Stonehenge features an outer ring of stones, about 40 feet in diameter, and an inner ring about 20 feet in diameter, both made of local granite. They stand 40 feet below the water’s surface, and the stones are some 9,000 years old, making this one of the oldest structures ever discovered in North America.

At that time, said Holley, the lake bed was dry. Making the discovery even more mind-blowing, the structure predates Stonehenge by millennia.

To be exact, Stonehenge would not be erected for another 4,000 years.

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Holley points out that the stones are not the size of those at Stonehenge, instead ranging in size from that of a basketball to that of a car. But the structure is far longer and wider than the famous British archaeological landmark. The structure under Lake Michigan features a number of stones arranged in a line over one mile long. 

Holley has not revealed the precise location of the site, which is in an area popular among recreational divers. He instead first revealed its location to the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa tribes as a gesture of respect. 

Holley has pointed out that many experts would prefer to investigate such stones in person to authenticate them, but that these experts aren’t necessarily trained scuba divers, which has slowed down the authentication process.

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