Ben Carson Slams COVID Vaccine for Kids: ‘This Is a Giant Experiment’

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Dr. Ben Carson slams experimental Covid vaccine for kids

Dr. Ben Carson has slammed the Covid-19 vaccine rollout for children aged 5 to 11, warning that it is “a giant experiment” that carries a number of unknown risks.

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Dr. Carson whether he agreed with the recent CDC decision to allow children to receive Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

Carson responded, “absolutely not.” reports: Carson, former director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, went on to explain his reasoning:

The fact of the matter is, the mortality rate for children from COVID-19 is 0.025, which is very similar to the rate for seasonal flu. And we haven’t been for years and years going through all these things for seasonal flu.

Plus, we don’t know what the long-term impact of these vaccines is. So this is really sort of a giant experiment. Do we want to put our children at risk, when we know that the risk of the disease to them is relatively small, but we don’t know what the future risks are? Why would we do a thing like that? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Dr. Eric Rubin, a voting member of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee, admitted last week that the vaccine’s ultimate safety profile won’t be known fully until it begins being administered to children.

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it,” said Rubin. “That’s just the way it goes.”


  1. I’m positive they aren’t experimenting at all I’m certain they’ve had the vaccines for ages but just needed the story to use them. They know what the vaccines really are going to do, and how rich they are going to make them and I’m sure it’s all tied into the satellites and 5g and mind control. As well as physical stalking.

  2. Rubin is implying that giving this to millions of children is the same as TESTING it FIRST on a few children and waiting to see IF there are harmful effects that are worse than the disease. That is creepy and dishonest. Listen to Dr Carson

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