New York Times Chokeholds Facebook To Ban Trump Supporters

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New York Times aggressively lobbies Facebook to ban alternative media

The New York Times has begun hardcore pummeling Facebook to ban independent media outlets that support Trump from the platform.

Amid an ongoing, unprecedented crackdown on conservative and independent voices online, the New York Times has joined CNN and others in forcing social media giants to virtually rape their smaller competitors before the midterm elections. reports: In an article entitled Facebook’s Private Groups Offer Refuge to Fringe Figures, the NY Times’ Kevin Roose reveals how “a private Infowars Facebook group with more than 110,000 members” has “survived the crackdown”.

Roose goes on to accuse the group’s users of posting “the sort of content — hateful attacks against Muslims, transgender people and other vulnerable groups — that got Mr. Jones suspended,” while providing zero examples of such content or defining what constitutes “hate”.

He then admits that he is personally lobbying Facebook to have the page shut down.

“After The Times sent screenshots to Facebook of activity taking place inside these groups, Facebook removed several comments, saying they violated the company’s policies on hate speech. The groups themselves, however, remain active,” he writes.

In other words, the New York Times is devoting its vast resources to pressure Facebook into deleting private, closed Facebook groups run by individuals.

The fan page was not created by Infowars and is moderated by individual Facebook users. Most of the content posted on the page does not even link to Infowars.

This takes online censorship to a new level that we’ve never seen before; Corporate media outlets are now trying to control what individual citizens can post on social media websites.

That’s chilling.

The NY Times’ lobbying effort, an abuse of its platform which is solely intended to shut down its competition, mirrors precisely the tactic used by CNN to pressure Big Tech to ban Infowars last month.

Back in February, CNN’s senior media reporter Oliver Darcy began abusing his CNN platform to lobby YouTube to shut down the Alex Jones Show, an effort that was almost successful at the time, before the channel finally was shut down last month.

Darcy then switched his attention to Facebook, attending a Facebook event and asking executives from the social media site, “Why InfoWars is still allowed on the platform.”

Shortly after Darcy repeatedly demanded to know why Infowars was not banned, Facebook suspended Alex Jones’ personal account and then deleted the official Alex Jones page as well as other Infowars pages altogether.

Not content with YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify banning Jones completely, Darcy kept up the pressure, demanding to know why Twitter had only slapped Jones with a 7 day ban.

Darcy’s campaign to have Infowars banned even led some commentators to speculate that CNN’s senior media reporter had a creepy obsession with Alex Jones.

In addition to CNN and now the New York Times lobbying Facebook to shut down Infowars-related pages, just a month before Infowars was banned by Facebook and YouTube, Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL) demanded that Facebook and YouTube ban Infowars.

The censorship of Infowars was clearly a political hit carried out by the corporate media, Dem lawmakers and Silicon Valley tech monopolies to silence Infowars just months before the mid-term elections.

With President Trump vowing to take some form of action against Big Tech monopolies, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey prepares to testify in front of lawmakers tomorrow, the battle to preserve what’s left of First Amendment rights online is only just beginning.

Sign the petition to demand Congress take action to stop the silencing of conservatives and independent voices online.


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