WHO Warns ‘Billions Will Die’ in Upcoming Bird Flu Pandemic

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WHO warns billions will die in upcoming bird flu outbreak

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that a large percentage of the Earth’s population could die in an imminent bird flu pandemic.

Speaking to reporters at a virtual briefing on Friday, Dr Sylvie Briand, the WHO’s director of epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention, described the latest trends in the spread of the virus as “worrying.

WHO takes the risk from this virus seriously and urges heightened vigilance from all countries,” Dr Briand said.

Infowars.com reports: According to Briand, apart from a growing number of cases in birds, a similar situation is being witnessed in mammals, including humans.

On Thursday, Cambodian authorities reported that an 11-year-old girl had died of bird flu, with her father also testing positive. Their contacts are currently being checked.

Commenting on the case, Briand pointed out that it is not yet clear whether there had actually been any human-to-human transmission or if the two individuals had contracted the virus simply due to their “exposure to the same environmental conditions,” that is, close contact with infected birds or other animals.

The WHO representative told journalists that the organization is in close contact with the Cambodian authorities for any updates.

While H5N1 has been around for more than two decades now, a new strain named clade emerged in 2020, leading to record numbers of deaths among wild birds and domestic poultry alike in recent months.

The data gathered so far indicates that the novel subtype does not typically cause significant illness in humans. To date, the WHO knows of a mere half dozen cases, most of them mild.

Earlier this month, the organization ranked the risk posed to humans by H5N1 as low.

Nevertheless, the global health watchdog is ramping up its preparedness efforts already, noting that there are several antivirals available, as well as 20 licensed vaccines, should the situation deteriorate.

According to the WHO, a total of 868 cases of human infection involving various strains of avian flu were reported between January 2003 and January 2023, with 457 of those proving fatal.


  1. oh dear, I only hope they come out with a mRNA vaccine with this virus’s phone number on it! safe and effective.

    • The “safe and effective” injected AIDS will mean most people will drop dead from Bird Flu before they can be injected. Those of us who have resisted will be the targets for these new “vaccines.”

  2. This is the cover-up strategy for the killingjabssuddendeaths-syndrome they used to call cv1984…

    It will be death by the jabs or the wars they are planning.

    But, only if we let them do it.

  3. Nah that happens EVERY YEAR nothin new as the world live on chicken and eats billions of them per year plus muti-billions of eggs per year around four eggs per person per week and 1-2 chickens per week per person.CHICKENS have saved the human race since the near start

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  5. “Worrying”, huh? You mean, “imminent”….Sooo, STOP taking Gates’s sociopathic orders and DO your ostensible REAL job: PREVENTING disease…

  6. If this flu is real, unlike the last scamdemic, it was cooked up in a US lab for the purposes of shredding our Bill of Rights and private businesses.
    Who knows? This might be the big one, but the bottom line is always remember this was made by the well known psychopaths pushing for globalism and we must never forget who to direct our anger towards.

  7. The covidiots will be excited that another “pandemic” has started. Life was so meaningful there for a bit, you start to miss being a hero just for following orders. Let the good times roll.

  8. Sounds like it’s not that deadly to humans , but they’re using it for a possible cover for all the covid vaccine deaths that will occur. And it’s another chance to whip up hysteria and get the gullible to take another round of mRNA , and to complete the destruction of modern civilization.
    While this may not be the case , my instinct tells me after the covid scam , they will try anything.

  9. I tend to think East Palestine, OH will be ground zero for this Avian Flu pandemic in the US. I mean, really! Birds are falling out of the sky DEAD. The mammals around are starting to get it and dying too. Heck, even the FISH! Yeah. It MUST be H5N1 doing it. It can’t be the chemicals they flooded the sky and water with now could it? Naa. Didn’t think so either. So mask up, line up and roll up. The WHO is comin’ to ‘save’ us all.

  10. And Biden purposely leaves open our southern border so this virus or any other virus can enter this country so it can kill billions

  11. The avian and SARS-corona viruses were outlined in a 2008 document by the US government as the “threats” that we would face by 2025. Can’t believe how accurate they were! It also outlines how the USA is surpassed by Russia and China militarily and as the leaders of the world.
    I have the document on my computer but it IS still online. Anyone who hasn’t realized we are watching the planned destruction of our country should just turn the news on and enjoy being lied to like good sheeple.
    And of course this avian flu is announced right before we hand over our sovereignty to the WHO… which Biden will do like a good little WEF’er.

  12. Since they know the exact variant (H5N1), why can’t they make a flu vaccine? They claim flu shots are so great and protect everyone and tell everyone to get a flu shot every year even when they don’t even know the seasonal variant. In this case they do know the exact variant, so make a flu shot and problem solved. Right?

  13. Just a way to scare people into taking the “COVID” I mean “Bird Flu” I meant the MRNA Death Jab relabeled as “Bird Flu Vaccine”. Remember AIDS was created in a lab to kill Gays & guess what – the MRNA Death Jab has HIV in it – just another “Coincidence” of course. My dear friend has taken the “Flu” shot every year for 25 years & guess what? He gets the Flu every year – what a Moron! This latest dose Will Kill Billions!

  14. Once more a total B.S. fear mongering story about a so-called virus. Watch your blood levels of vitamin d3 and its co-factors and take 3 grams of vitamin c daily and you’ll never get seriously ill of any of that.

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