Dennis Skinner on Margaret Thatcher: Mentally unbalanced ‘dictator with a handbag’ ruined millions of lives

Fact checked

Skinner despised everything Thatcher stood for and also refused to meet Prince Charles.

The Mirror reveals this latest extract from his memoirs: “No figure in my 40-plus years in Parliament encapsulated the poison and nastiness of the Conservative Party more than Margaret Thatcher.

The record of what she did to Britain – deliberately breaking people, communities and industries to impose her brand of casino capitalism, impoverishing a swollen group at the bottom as she rewarded her City friends – was unforgivable.

Thatcher ruined millions of lives. Not out of ignorance, or as an unintentional by-product of her policies. But in a systematic war on decent working people.

If you were of no value to Thatcher, you were chucked on a scrap heap. If you got in her way, she’d steamroller you. If you resisted, she’d try to destroy you.

Thatcher was a dictator with a handbag. The hurt she caused didn’t bother her.

Thatcher wouldn’t have recognised the truth if it was sprayed on her eyeballs.

Mrs Thatcher’s passing in April 2013 reminded victims of her political and economic crimes over 11 bitter years.

I didn’t return to shed crocodile tears when Parliament was recalled at great expense.”