German MP: Bill Gates Must Be Charged With ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and WHO Must Be ‘Dismantled’

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Bill Gates must be charged with “crimes against humanity” for his role in funding the World Health Organization’s globalist agenda, according to German MP Christine Anderson who joined seven other MPs in vowing to dismantle the UN institution and seek justice on behalf of “millions and millions of people around the world.”

“An unelected body like who is controlled and run by multi-billionaires should never be allowed to act in place of a democratically elected government,” she said during the Citizen’s Initiative conference in Brussels.

Anderson says she’ll expose and name any individuals, including government officials and parliamentarians, who support the anti-democratic WHO ‘power grab’ and disrespect the will of the people.

“It is you [WHO] that is the small fringe minority,” she continued. “You are the ones who do not have the right to dictate to the people what they want and what they don’t want.”

“So take it from me … take it from the millions and millions of people around the world. We will bring you down, and we will not tire until we have done just that. So brace yourselves. We are here, and the fight is on. So let’s have the fight.”


In news that should send a chill down the spine of every patriot, Bill Gates is calling on world leaders to surrender the sovereignty of their nations to the World Health Organization’s “global health emergency corps.”

The globalist elite are becoming increasingly arrogant are now saying the quiet parts out loud. Whereas once this kind of talk would have only been possible in a dark and smokey back room, Gates is now sharing his vision for the dismantlement of US sovereignty in the New York Times op-ed pages.

Declaring his support for the WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty, Gates argues that the WHO should be viewed as a global “fire department for pandemics” that seizes control of nations on a global level during health emergencies.

Once upon a time these views, expressed publicly, would have got a man strung up for treason.

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The WHO’s treaty will essentially establish an unelected global authoritarian regime that will override local laws with global protocols if the United Nations agency declares a health emergency.

All 194 of the WHO member nations are set to vote on the amendments and finalize the new treaty by May 2024.

The accord will give the Chinese Communist Party-linked WHO ultimate control over U.S. pandemic policies such as lockdowns, censorship, masking, vaccine mandates, and public surveillance.

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden publicly affirmed the U.S. government’s commitment to the agreement. This should be no surprise considering his family’s considerable backdoor financial entanglements with the Chinese, which in another era – again – would have got a public official strung up for treason.

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