George Galloway Vows To Return To Parliament And Fight Globalism

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George Galloway may return to Parliament in fight against globalism

George Galloway has vowed to make a return to UK politics and take on corrupt globalists in Parliament by running in the upcoming election. 

Galloway, who has previously warned that the American ‘deep state’ are out to assassinate President Trump, is keen to tackle human rights and justice for the people of Palestine as well as bring his brand of plain speaking back to the House of Commons.

Following the death last month of Labour MP Gerald Kaufman, rumors are swirling that Galloway may stand in the by-election for his vacated seat in the Manchester Gorton constituency. reports:

Like Kaufman, Galloway is a long time supporter of Palestine. Perhaps even more importantly at a time when the front-benches of all major UK parties are filled by people whose personalities are small and whose ideas are even smaller, Galloway is an international figure who can command audiences from Baltimore to Beirut, Baghdad to the heart of Britain.

Important issues ought to be discussed by heavyweight people and few would argue that Galloway is difficult to ignore in terms of his refined rhetoric and his ability to tackle the big topics of debate without fear or restraint.

He recently produced a film, The Killing$ of Tony Blair about the personal corruption and war profiteering off his arch-nemesis Tony Blair which he has toured around the world. He also hosts a popular radio show and a weekly current affairs programme on RT.

Galloway has opposed western meddling in Iraq, Libya and now Syria. He opposed independence in his native Scotland and campaigned for the winning Brexit campaign, once sharing a platform with Nigel Farage.

Although Galloway has had a long time friendship with current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Galloway remains outside of the Labour party ever since Tony Blair expelled him for his strident opposition to the Iraq War, a war which in today’s Britain, hardly any respectable figure could say was a good thing.

Whether one loves him or hates him, politics in any democracy requires figures who can command the respect of an audience and get people to pay attention to the conflicts of the wider world.

George Galloway can certainly do that.

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