Mystery Paralyzing Virus Infecting Children Overnight

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Mystery “Paralyzing” Virus Spreading Rampantly in 29 States

A very scary illness has been sweeping the nation lately and many are calling it the “paralyzing virus” – the big problem?  Nobody, even the CDC, claims to know what it is.  According to Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline:  “With the Ebola news being suppressed, the midterm elections, the drought in California, rising food prices and food shortages, the economy, and a whole host of other issues dominating the news cycle, one specific issue is flying under the radar or worse, is deliberately being suppressed and leaving the most innocent of victims, vulnerable and unprepared.


First, an update on the Enterovirus D68: There are now a total of 1,116 people in 47 states and the District of Columbia, confirmed to have become infected, and that number is growing.

Even more concerning though is a new “mystery [paralyzing] virus,” that is attacking children and while there are similarities (respiratory problems) accompanying this virus, 75 children across 29 states have become paralyzed.

In the first video below, I point out that there is ample evidence that bio weapons have been experimented with that would target a specific ethnic group OR genotype, and there is also ample evidence that scientists have been creating hybrid viruses and diseases, yet the mainstream media never once mentions the possibilities that one of these experiments have escaped the labs, at best, or have deliberately been set loose on the public, at worst.
In the second video below, Dr. Seema Yasmin, now a CNN medical expert but formerly a CDC “disease detective,” explains not only the similarities between the EV-68 virus and this new mystery virus, but also the differences between the two.

paralyzing virus

It is also noteworthy that this “mystery” illness was first mentioned in the new in January and February of 2014, then completely disappeared…. until now.

After listening to the the two videos, ask yourself what the odds are that two major outbreaks are occurring at the same time and both are attacking children primarily?

Then ask yourself if the cases from early 2014, linked above, were some kind of beta test or test-run, for what we are seeing now?”

What do you think the paralyzing virus really is – something that the powers that be don’t want us to know, a form of biological attack, or a naturally occurring phenomenon?

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