Is The US Bringing An Ebola Patient Across Border From Mexico?

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Is The US Bringing An Ebola Patient Across Border From Mexico?

Many have been worried for months now that the US would begin allowing ebola patients from across the border into the country for treatment, and that is exactly what is happening according to an article published today on SHTF Dashboard:

I received flight plans this morning for the same aircraft that transported now-deceased surgeon, Dr. Salia. The flight is currently en route to Houston, then off to Guadalajara Mexico.

Coming back, it stops in Fulton County before heading to it’s home in Cartersville (suburban Atlanta). This would say that perhaps the patient is being transported to Emory (Fulton county airport is closer to Emory than Cartersville is).

There was also a report of an Ebola ‘false alarm’ this weekend at the same airport. Translated from Spanish:

“False alarm. The Director General of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, Hector Ramirez Cordero reported that false alarms have reported three probable cases of Ebola, through the sanitary filter installed for several weeks in the Guadalajara International Airport, so Jalisco, remain free of the virus.


The health official acknowledged that these alarms are not a good sign, because the staff working in the Miguel Hidalgo could fall into extreme practices travelers from African countries, as they usually hold them even if they do not have any of symptoms of the disease or in cases where even the visitors, have been exposed to the virus, because they come from places where the disease is not found.”


N163PA ✈ FlightAware

17-Nov-2014 GLF3 Fulton County (KFTY) Cartersville (KVPC) 10:25PM EST 10:32PM EST Scheduled

17-Nov-2014 GLF3 Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Int’l (MMGL / GDL) Fulton County (KFTY) 06:09PM CST 10:01PM EST Scheduled

17-Nov-2014 GLF3 William P Hobby (KHOU) Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Int’l (MMGL / GDL) 02:40PM CST 04:38PM CST Scheduled”

So, if this is accurate – how do you feel about the United States of America bringing in ebola patients from other countries who are (presumably) not US citizens?

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