China Will Be A Role Model In The ‘Systemic Transformation’ Of The World Says Klaus Schwab

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World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman and founder Klaus Schwab has declared that China will serve as a “role model” for many countries during the “systemic transformation of the world”.

In an interview with the Chinese state-run television network CGTN, Schwab praised China’s communist government for being a leading figure in his vision of a Great Reset of capitalism to usher in the new “world of tomorrow”.

The Davos chief said: “I respect China’s achievements, which are tremendous over the last over 40 years, I think it’s a role model for many countries” before adding added that while he thinks that countries should be able to choose the system they would prefer to live under, the “Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.”

Brietbart reports: He concluded by saying that he has taken “great satisfaction” in seeing the European Union become more “unified” in its thinking following the Chinese virus and the war in Ukraine and that this could lead to deeper ties between Brussels and Beijing.

“I’m very pleased that we speak not only about Chinese-U.S. relations but also again about European-Chinese relations, and I feel despite all the question marks and to a certain extent cautious approach which we see in Europe, I think that very close ties can be established again between China and Europe because there’s such an interwoven economy.”

The comments from the WEF boss followed his attendance at the G20 summit last week in Indonesia, in which Chinese President Xi Jinping finally met with Western leaders after a hiatus in direct contact following the outbreak of the Wuhan virus.  At the meeting, world leaders agreed to seek to expand the health security state at the international level.

“We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates,” the leaders of the G2o nations said in a joint statement.

Though Schwab praised the summit coming to a statement of agreement, he called for more action, saying: “We have to go one step further, we have to have a strategic mood, we have to construct the world of tomorrow. It’s a systemic transformation of the world, so we have to define how the world should look like when we come out of this transformation period.”