Russia Will Repel Any Attack From The West

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"Today, we should be ready for everything, and war is not the main problem in this situation."

Russia vows to counter-attack the West

Russian historian Andrei Fursov has warned Western leaders that if they decide to attack Russia, The Motherland will not hesitate to hit back with avengeance.

In an interview with international think tank Katehon, the Russian historian and publicist reflected on the dangers of the current geopolitical climate around the world, and the need to remove the elites from their positions of power and return to traditional values. reports:

– The recent days show a situation that is very similar, at least outwardly, to the pre-war one. The troops are inspected and are at the highest degree of combat readiness. At the same time, the civilian agencies are under inspection for their ability to work in war conditions. In fact, a civil mobilization was held under the auspices of activities in conditions of war. So what’s next? Are we really in a pre-war situation?

Andrei Fursov (F): There are two aspects in this case: global and national (Russian).

From the global view, we have nearly two decades of living in such conditions, when there is no line between war and peace. The starting point can be considered NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. Then we had Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. And the state in which the world is today, can be called “peacewar” or “warpeace.” But even under such circumstances what is happening lately in the world, just last year, shows the most powerful destabilizing situation. And this destabilization is really close to our borders.

Unannounced inspections, organized in late August, is very serious. First, it is the examination of the combat readiness in a number of military districts: fully Southern District and partly Western, Northern, Central, two flotillas (Black Sea and Caspian one), aerospace forces, airborne troops. Second, it is the examination of a number of civilian agencies activities in “special” cases. It is the conditions of war, for example. Checks were carried out in the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance, State Reserve, and the Bank of Russia.

Among other things, it is a demonstration of certain forces in the West, who may want to try the strength of our borders, our readiness. Now it is evident that many things in the world will depend on the US elections outcome. If the elections were fair, Trump would win. The fight will be rough, and that the global elite group, called “banksters,” gives a high expectation of Clinton, for several reasons.

Crazy Clinton can start a very serious conflict in this case. There is little doubt that if she becomes president of the United States, the situation on our border with Ukraine, the situation in the Caucasus, Central Asia will worsen. Especially now, after notorious events in Uzbekistan, a serious struggle for power can start, there will be a fruitful climate for Islamist activities, “acceptance of American-style globalization” (R. Labevier). It is our “underbelly.”

Moreover, as Clinton’s health is not very good, if something happens suddenly, Tim Kaine will be the president, he is a dark horse or could be a joker. We must be prepared. You have to be ready not only for military defense, but also along the lines of morals and values.

Please note: almost simultaneously with the “pre-war examination” one of the most odious of Ministers, the Minister of Education Levanov was dismissed. He was replaced by a patriotic woman, which immediately began to purge the Ministry of Education from Levanov’s supporters. I think this is just the beginning.

It is quite very similar with the situation in 1936-1937, when it became clear that the war is unavoidable, the government appealed to the Russian traditions. The “Soviet patriotism” appeared in 1936. The 7th of November stopped to be the Day of the World Proletarian Revolution; later it turned into the day of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The history books were corrected in the state patriotic way.

Besides, in 1936-1937, there was a strong rotation, which we still call “Stalin’s terror.” Firstly, the terror was not primarily Stalin, but something more complicated. Secondly, the terror was the form. Its content – the rotation of personnel, when a potential fifth column was removed. Incidentally, we are seeing the same thing – a powerful rotation of personnel. And especially in the power structures: the Investigation Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor’s Office, something’s happening in the Criminal Investigations Department.

What is the result? The result is personnel, defense, education, we can see an attempt to strengthen the state on the eve of a possible serious test. We see a certain way that a further increase of the threat of war logically lead to an anti-oligarchic dictatorship. The anti-oligarchies, first of all, need additional funds; second, as shown by the history of Russian (and not just Russia), oligarchs in an ominous situations tend to cooperate with the external enemy in order to save their money. Thus, preemptive actions are needed.

For nearly two decades, a process of destruction existed, and now it is not completely stopped: FASO continues to pursue science, not all the destroyers of education have been expelled from the system, the health care system is collapsing. The destroyers were hoping for Western support. And the West really did it when Gorbachev and Yeltsin stabbed our country.

In recent years, the West stopped support. Instead, we can see a bourgeois that is unable to understand our primary military secret. Instead, we can see the aggressive actions of NATO, primarily through Ukraine. And after all these years, NATO henchmen were in our country, working for 30 pieces of silver, making us believe that the West was friendly, NATO was almost our friends. Now we see that it was clear for a long time, it was not our friend. So, it turns out that they tried to divert our attention, engaged in disinformation, acting like NATO propaganda special forces? Well, there is no time to tolerate it.

Friedman, the first director of Stratfor, the ‘private CIA’, a few years ago said that as soon as Russia begins to rise, it will get the crisis in Ukraine. And it happened. It is quite clear that Russia will be under pressure in at least three directions. First, it’s west and south. Second, we will have some problems in our republics and regions. It is no chance, the German Foreign Minister likes to visit the Urals, to Yekaterinburg, where he constantly says that Ural has to be “an active part of the international community.” When the same person come to Siberia, they say, that Siberia must be the subject of international relations. But the subject of international relations is the state. Is it a call for separatism? Third, the pro-western segment of the ruling groups.

In this situation, cleaning the country from the fifth column is of particular importance. Moreover, under the “purge,” I mean cutting off from information and financial networks. No one is calling anyone to ‘eliminate’ anyone or to send them to prison, but all these people should be placed in a vacuum.

Here, a liberal economist recently published an article, saying that Russia will currently benefit only after a military and political defeat like in the Crimean War. Apparently he believes that he will not pay for that. In fact, such publications should not take place without punishment, they need to respond with the laws of the pre-war era.

Why is there no response from the authorities? Are they still operating by looking to the West, waiting for its reaction? It is too late to be afraid of it. Our establishment can do everything to make peace with the West, it will never be forgiven. In 1991, believing that Russia will never rise, that it would kill itself, the West, collectively, did not completely destroy Russia. Today, they consider it as a mistake and will try to fix it. If Russia really tolerates a military-political defeat, it will lead to the disintegration of the country, as Russians could follow in the footsteps of North American Indians.

Thus, if we want to be ready for a difficult period, we need to firmly cut the fifth column off from financial and information resources.

– The West is unlikely to start military conflict directly. Will it create problems in the boundaries, economically exhausting and causing an internal explosion?

F: Yes, like in February, 1917, when the inner circle who hated the Anglo-Saxons more than the Germans, overthrew the king and the monarchy, then they were replaced, and the country began to fall into the abyss, after which the Bolsheviks and then the Patriotic War helped the country get its bearings again.

I should say it is impossible to get along with the West again. The Russian political elites should think well about their foreign property, which can be taken away by the Western elite. Foreign property is not the only one weak point of Russian politicians and businessmen. There is another: their children who live and (or) study abroad. I’m not even talking about the fact that most of their elders, their seniors, tried to put an end to Russia, and they substitute their children and themselves. Finally, education is never neutral! A person receives certain values together with the knowledge, starting to see these in another other way.

A certain part of our establishment is still waiting for support from the West, but it does not mean the West will respond to their outstretched hand. Assuming that Russia would be militarily and politically defeated, the ruling class will be fully eliminated. They will eliminate everyone, without taking into account the positions, creating a completely different structure.

– Does that mean that within the framework of preparation for these turbulent times, we have to seriously work on the ideological situation in our society, that people should be less oriented to the West and even in the liberal values?

F: No, it is not necessary to repress the meaninglessness of the modern world, it has no effect. It is necessary to explain to people the danger of ideological adherence to Western values. We should show on TV, what the current West is, modern Europe: its cities, their ethnic and racial composition of their economic problems (zero growth, high unemployment), the loss of religious identity. Those who want the West to respect us, I always say: “Do you want to be respected by homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles?” I don’t need this kind of respect. I am confident that the vast majority of our population doesn’t need it too. We have a much healthier society than the current European one. The West betrayed European values.

The current West – a post-Christian, post-European society. The European values remained in Russia. That must be explained.

– But we still have a very pro-Western economic bloc in the government, which is considered a throng of professionals. What do you think: will there be any changes or will everything remain as before, despite the impending turbulence?

F: I doubt that they are so professional, as they put the economy in a weak position. We can not speak here about the professionalism, only if they are or are not professional economic saboteurs. I think that if a de facto special period would be established, the economic unit must be replaced.

I want to talk about the triad of “science – education – health care.” In the Crimea, a tough fight for sovereignty is wonderful. But this is modern geopolitics. The geopolitical victory of tomorrow is created by teachers, scientists and doctors. If we continue to destroy the “triad”, then 5-7-10 years after, who will fight for sovereignty? There would be no healthy men, no “brains.” It is impossible to lead the fight in the present day while ruining the upbringing of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, up to now, we have used mainly the judo principle: we waited for the opponent to make first step, him making a mistake, and then used his strength against him. Part of this strategy is correct, when, the enemy is stronger than you. But it is not always correct. In fact that we often lost momentum. It can sometimes be fatal. Therefore, it is necessary to combine principles to save effort and time.

– So, what’s next? We saw personnel replacement in 1917 and 1937? Will we expect 1918 and 1941 now?

F: There were several important dates in the 20th century for Russia. This is the revolution of 1917. This is the abolition of the NEP in 1929, the defeat of the Right deviation and the expulsion of the Trotskyists. The year 1917, for all its importance, did not change the place of Russia in the international division of labor. Russia remained in the periphery as a source of raw materials. And in 1929, it embarked to create a completely different position in the world system.

Bukharin and Trotsky are like polar opposites: right and left. However, they have many characteristics in common. For Trotsky, Russia was a “firewood” of permanent world revolution, the socialist world raw periphery; for Bukharin, with his focus on the extraction of raw materials and light industry of the USSR, it was the raw materials periphery of the capitalist system. Implementing any of these strategies could lead to the destruction of the USSR in the long term.

The year 1929 meant a break with both strategies. By 1937, it reached military-industrial self-sufficiency in relation to the capitalist world and laid the foundation for victory in the Second World War. Moreover, in the second half of 1930 a new elite was created, which provided for the victory in the war, the most important event in our history. Neither Napoleon nor Wilhelm II sought to set the task of the total, physical, and metaphysical destruction of Russia, to erase us from history. A union created by Russian people, on the Stalinist system, which stopped this attempt. That is why Russophobes hate Stalin and the Soviet past so much.

War was won by the people, first developing a personality type through the 1930’s based on the heroics and the enthusiasm of the Soviet people. In 1915-1916 the officer corps was knocked out, the army collapsed, it was a disorganized autocracy. In 1941, it was the defeat of the Red Army, the army collapsed, but their places were taken by a young officer corps: Soviet people, who had grown up on Soviet ideals (both socialist and state-patriotic), who broke the Wehrmacht and put a flag on the Reichstag. The 9th May 1945 was prepared in the years 1917, 1929 and in 1937.

– Do you mean replacement of personnel?

F: Yes, the personnel revolution, which, among other things, was carried out by Stalin in order to control the “regional barons,” unleashing mass terror, and an end to this terror: first with Yezhov’s counter-terrorism, and then with Beria’s thaw. As well as eliminating the fifth column.

It was done in preparation for the almost inevitable war. Stalin had little time, but he managed to do it. We too have little time. The Banksters have nowhere to retreat: time is against them. They must make haste. Russians prevent them; thus they hate even to our Paralympic athletes.

Well, we will have time for revenge. Yet, si vis pacem para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war). And, most importantly, the preparation process should be carried out in advance.

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