‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Exposes Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

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Avengers Infinity War promotes depopulation agenda

The latest Marvel series, ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘, exposes the Illuminati depopulation agenda – promoting it with pathetic moral justification. 

The message is clear: “We have to save mankind by controlling its population growth. The more people there are, the more harm to the ecology and ecosystem there will be. People must be prevented from destroying their environment.”

Henrymakow.com reports: These angelic moral justifications in order to reduce the population, ‘save the world’, are fed to the gullible pea-brain zombie masses.

But there are two flaws in that reasoning. The flaws are:

1- that humanity cannot auto-adapt to its own growth, and

2- the killing of millions (billions) of people is morally justifiable.

In fact, the hidden agenda real reason is that the fewer people there are on the planet, the more they can be managed & controlled. The real Illuminati’s goal is their OWN well-being, not ours, by the means of population control, hence Agenda 21.

In order to reduce world population, the Illuminati began by targetting the most uncontrollable regions that don’t abide by their economic/banking rules system, namely Iran, Irak, Syria, Libya; the Middle East in general. War does a great job at reducing a population and enriching the aggressors.

The PTB must also manage the American, African and European population. For this, they use vaccines and GMO foods (now fishes and soon animals) to provoke diseases and mass sterilization.

The main threat for the Illuminati now is the Internet per se that they don’t control. But don’t worry, they’re working on it: the most secretive spying plan comes from the Israeli Unit 8200 Talpiot program. This is SO invasive that you have NO idea. Intel and AMD have now conception plants in Israel and now, in their CPU is embedded an ARM processor. A Trojan CPU in your CPU that they (PTB) control.

About the myth that society cannot adapt to its growth, there are some interesting things to consider here. First, The lie was popularized by Paul Ehrlich in his book ‘The Population Bomb’ published in 1968. His time bomb theories gained traction few years later in the media and some TV series amongst which the famous Star Trek series. His population bomb scare was later challenged and debunked by Julian Simon, a renown economist who published ‘The Ultimate Resource”. See the excellent Corbett Report: ‘Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan‘.

There is a town Omalonga in Guatemala where Ken Peters ministered that is inhabited mainly by practicing Christians. They are fervent Christians and their crop is… manyfold the size of a regular crop. They are able to harvest huge vegetables: one footlong+ carrots, two feet long lettuces, huge corns, etc… And we fear about resource shortages in case of population growth!? But then if you lose your values, faith and religion, according to the Adversary’s plan, then you won’t harvest anything outstandingly divine, but pitifully… à la Monsanto (now Bayer).

We live in a time where evil has been set loose. The devil’s plan is to compel the innocent not to … ‘accepting’, but to… ‘not objecting’ to the harm perpetrated against them. In order to do that, he instigated a social system where people are powerless, unconcerned, without values, too tired to criticize, too focused on their own survival, brainwashed and enslaved to the dictate of authorities, being it scientists, doctors, politicians… or the mainstream media! The perfect scheme to succeed…

Satan and his follower’s plants hints of their misdeeds in the movies and TV in order to proclaim that the people… have been warned, and didn’t object. And they are now doing so well in their bogus warnings, they found the people SO docile and asleep that they don’t feel the need to hide anymore. They opened a Satanic Temple in Detroit with a statue of Baphomet revered by… children! Imagine.

In the movie, Thanos openly states that he was rejected in his overcrowded home planet for his depopulation reduction views and showed the outcome of that situation: a crumbling and devasted planet. In doing so, the author imposes to the mind of the viewer that there is NO solution to a population overgrowth. The manipulation here is in the prefix ‘over’! What is ‘over’ and what isn’t in a population growth? The movie (and the PTB) don’t make any distinctions. They don’t conceive that a population growth can auto-regulate itself. They jump right away to the extreme conclusions.

In summary, just because Hollywood made a plot out of it, this movie does advocate for a planetary depopulation. It is a devious tactic to manipulate and condition the population mindset into considering the idea as acceptable, even worst… moral! It is a satanic Psyop operation par excellence.

So, is the Avengers Infinity War movie an innocent entertainment ? or a forewarning? another harbinger of doom ? an official warning notice? Considering the actual state of worldly political affairs (summer 2018), this movie topic is more of actuality then ever don’t you think?

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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