Swedish Nationalist Party Vows To Deport 500,000 Migrants

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Swedish nationalist party promises to deport 500,000 immigrants

The Alternative for Sweden (AfS) party will deport over 500,000 migrants, party leader Gustav Kasselstrand has confirmed.

Kasselstrand believes the only way to solve Sweden’s massive migrant crisis is to expel the troublemakers from the country:

“It’s not enough for a restrictive immigration policy. It is not enough to want to stop immigration. In order to solve the major societal problems in Sweden, one has to dare to talk about re-immigration. And not on a small one, but on a large-scale,” he said.

Voiceofeurope.com reports: The AfS leader wants all residence permits since the year 2000 to be re-examined.

According to him the much larger right-wing Social Democrats do not dare to address this subject.

For Kasselstrand integration has been a total failure. Two days ago he told Fria Tider:

“Sweden’s integration policy has been a total failure for 30 years. All politicians have failed.

They have only burned our tax money. That is why a return is important, and that it is quick,” Kasselstrand said.

The Alternative for Sweden is still a relatively small party, but as said in an interview with Voice of Europe, Kasselstrand’s goal is to enter parliament and put the pressure on other parties.