Bill Gates Is The Most Powerful Doctor In The World According To Google

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is listed as the most powerful doctor in the world in a Google search result.

While many have been questioning whether the Microsoft co-founder is in fact a doctor or not, his critics say the bizarre search result is actually because Gates’ priorities have become the WHO’s.

Over the past decade, the world’s richest man has become the World Health Organization’s second largest donor.

According to Insider Paper, the Google result is based on a 2017 article outlining Bill Gates’ ‘sway’ over the World Health Organization.

IP reports: since the keywords used in the query also appear in the headline of a Politico article titled “Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates,” which was published in 2017. That’s why, the Microsoft founder is listed as the top-ranking answer (even in snippet-results) of the Google search.

Below is the excerpt from the Politico article:

Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates The software mogul’s sway over the World Health Organization spurs criticism about misplaced priorities and undue influence.

If you look, Bill Gates’ name actually appear on majority of the results on the front page for this query.

Twitter users react

A user on Twitter wrote, “Who is the most powerful doctor? Google it. The results will shock you. Good morning”

Another user said, “Google ‘who is the most powerful doctor in the world’, tell me what comes up, and then try to tell me I’m a conspiracy theorist.”

“Why is it when you google the most powerful Doctor in the world Bill Gates pops up?,” a user on Twitter raised a question.

One user attached the Politico article in his tweet and wrote, “Here is the reason why many think that Bill Gates is considered to be the most powerful doctor, when he is not. In Google, the most searched word, along with keywords always come at the top of the list.”

Not just Google:

Many users pointed out that it’s not just Google but also Siri that gives you the same answer. It is because when you ask Siri the same question discussed in this article, then it will show you the same search results, the answer to which is Bill Gates.

We are sure, if you ask the same question to other Voice assistants they will also give the same answer.

A user tweeted, “Interestingly enough I asked Siri who is the most powerful doctor in the world she said Bill Gates, I then asked who was the most powerful medical doctor in the world, again Bill Gates… crazy!!”

is Bill Gates a doctor?

Bill Gates does not have a conventional medical degree. In 1973, he enrolled at Harvard University, but left two years later to found Microsoft. Gates, on the other hand, has received several honorary degrees, both medical and legal.

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