CNN Suggests People Might Be Racist to Non-White Robots

Fact checked
CNN claims people are racist towards non-white robots

CNN has published an extraordinary article claiming that people might be racist towards non-white robots.

“Have you ever noticed the popularity of white robots?” the CNN report asks in all seriousness.

According to researcher Christoph Bartneck of New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, people react differently to black robots because they “show racial bias towards them.” reports: Participants in the study saw robots flash up on a screen for less than a second and were asked to shoot those they thought were holding a weapon.

“Black robots that were not holding weapons were shot more than the white ones not carrying guns,” the study found.

Of course, this can completely attributed to inerrant racism and has nothing to do with the fact in many developed countries black people are significantly overrepresented in homicide and gun crime statistics.

However, the researchers argue that white robots are overrepresented in society and that this needs to change if “robots are supposed to function as teachers, friends, or carers.”

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