Trump Slams Corrupt Dem-Run Cities: Baltimore, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Chicago

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President Trump slams Democrat cities such as San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Baltimore

President Trump has continued his unrelenting attacks at Democrats for running U.S. inner cities into the ground.

Speaking at a Thursday rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump slammed Democrats for devastating the country’s inner cities for decades.

“Look at them,” Trump told the crowd. “We could name one after another, but I won’t do that. Because I don’t want to be controversial. We want no controversy.” reports: Trump reminded the audience that 572 people were murdered in Chicago in 2018, which triggered protesters in the arena, and that the homicide rate in Baltimore was higher than El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala.

After someone in the crowd shouted “Afghanistan” Trump replied, “I do believe the rate is higher than Afghanistan” but joked that the media would probably fact check the claim.

“The conditions in Nancy Pelosi’s once-great city of San Francisco are deplorable,” he continued.

Trump told the crowd that half of the homeless people in America live in California, in a state dominated by Democrat lawmakers.

“What they are doing to our beautiful California is a disgrace to our country,” Trump said. “It’s a shame, the world is looking at it, look at Los Angeles with the tents and the horrible, horrible disgusting conditions.”

He said that despite the billions of dollars spent by the federal government to help improve the cities, most of it ended up wasted by Democrats.

“The Democrat record is one of neglect and corruption and decay, total decay,” Trump said.

He said that Democrat mayors and city council members had taxed and regulated jobs and opportunity out of the cities, opposed school choice, and failed to improve school, leaving neighborhoods in squalor.

“They have squeezed the blood out of them,” Trump said.

He said that many of the cities were also sanctuary cities, as left-wing mayors chose to protect criminal illegal aliens in their cities.

“Democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents,” he said.

He also commented that many left-wing mayors ended up in jail, thanks to the levels of corruption in their administrations.

“So many of these mayors right now, you know where they are?” he asked. “They’re in jail, that’s where they are.”


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