Big Pharma Scientist Confesses: “They Put Cancer-Causing Chemicals in the COVID Jabs”

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Big Pharma scientist confesses that Pfizer put cancer-causing agents in the COVID-19 vaccines

A Big Pharma scientist has revealed that both Pfizer and Moderna put known cancer-causing agents into their Covid injections, which were then used to supposedly inoculate billons of people around the globe.

Microbiologist Kevin McKernan pioneered research on testing some of the covid vaccine vials and discovered dangerous levels of double-stranded DNA plasmids floating around the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. 

During a recent interview with Peter Sweden, Sasha Latypova said that DNA contamination is “a huge problem because this is replication competent plasmid, it can then invade human cells, it can invade the bacterial cells that live in your gut. So, they go into the bacteria they replicate there, they replicate antibiotic-resistant genes…it can cause sepsis, it can cause cancer, all sorts of issues.” reports: The World Council for Health (“WCH”) stated that a red line has been crossed.  “DNA contamination of mRNA ‘vaccines’ poses a risk to everyone on the planet,” WCH said. “Replicable DNA, so-called plasmids, in both the monovalent and bivalent vaccines, which should not be there at all … We can only speculate how it will end, but what needs to happen today after the publication of the paper by McKernan et al (2023) is an immediate stop of the ‘covid-19 vaccine’ program.”

In Pfizer’s mRNA injection, McKernan also discovered Simian Virus 40 (“SV40”) promoters which are tied to cancer development in humans. He emphasised that the SV40 found is a viral piece, it is not the whole virus.  However, it still presents a risk of driving cancer.

SV40 or Simian Virus 40  was the 40th virus found in rhesus monkey kidney cells when these cells were used to make the polio vaccine. This virus contaminated both the inactivated polio vaccine (“IPV”) and the oral or “live” polio vaccine (“OPV”) developed by Dr. Albert Sabin. When it was discovered that SV40 was an animal carcinogen that had found its way into the polio vaccines, a federal law was passed in 1961 that required that no vaccines contain this virus.

Kanekoa The Great tweeted two audio/video transcripts.  One of a recent interview with McKernan explaining his discoveries and another of a Japanese professor expressing his concerns about these discoveries.  We have republished these transcripts below.

DNA Contamination and SV40 Discovered

McKernan joined Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz on Friday to warn that there is no quality control in the manufacturing process of these vaccines. If his findings turn out to be widespread, it could portend an even greater risk for anaphylaxis, blood clotting, developing resistance to antibiotics, gene integration risk, and long-term production of spike protein within the body.  You can listen to an audio of the interview on Apple podcasts HERE.

During the interview, McKernan said:

“It’s in both Moderna and Pfizer. We looked at the bivalent vaccines for both Moderna and Pfizer and only the monovalent vaccines for Pfizer because we didn’t have access to monovalent vaccines for Moderna. In all three cases, the vaccines contain double-stranded DNA contamination. If you sequence that DNA, you’ll find that it matches what looks to be an expression vector that’s used to make the RNA…

“Whenever we see DNA contamination, like from plasmids, ending up in any injectable, the first thing people think about is whether there’s any E. coli endotoxin present because that creates anaphylaxis for the injected. And, of course, your viewers and listeners are probably aware there’s a lot of anaphylaxis going on, not only on TV but in the VAERS database. You can see people get injected with this and drop. That could be the background from this E. coli process of manufacturing the DNA…

“At least on the Pfizer side of things, it has what’s known as an SV40 promoter. This is an oncogenic virus piece. It’s not the entire virus. However, the small piece is known to drive very aggressive gene expression. And the concern that people, even at the FDA, have noted in the past whenever injecting double-stranded DNA is that these things can then integrate into the genome. If you’re not careful with how you manufacture these things, and you have excess amounts of this DNA, your concern for genome integration goes up…

“If you get an SV40 promoter in front of an oncogene, you will end up with a high expression of a gene that can drive cancer, it will be a very rare event, but you don’t need many of these cells to be hit with something like this for it to take off. SV40 actually plagued, granted it was the full viral genome, not just the promoter, but this has plagued previous vaccine programs. The polio vaccine is one of them that they were concerned that this may have contributed to cancer from that vaccine. So, there’s a history of being concerned over SV40.

“Having the promoter inside some of these vectors isn’t necessary. It seems to be superfluous oversight they could have eliminated, yet it’s still there because they ran this out the door so quickly, they didn’t really have time to get rid of superfluous parts of the plasmid. So, that piece of DNA is something we really need to pay attention to. We’ve made quantitative PCR assays to hunt for this. So several researchers around the globe are now running these assays to look for how much of this DNA is floating around after people have been vaccinated.”

Japanese Professor Expresses Concern

Japanese Professor Murakami of Tokyo University expressed his concerns over the alarming discovery of SV40 promoters McKernan had made.  He said:

“The Pfizer vaccine has a staggering problem. I have made an amazing finding. This figure is an enlarged view of Pfizer’s vaccine sequence. As you can see, the Pfizer vaccine sequence contains part of the SV40 sequence here. This sequence is known as a promoter. Roughly speaking, the promoter causes increased expression of the gene. The problem is that the sequence is present in a well-known carcinogenic virus.

“The question is why such a sequence that is derived from a cancer virus is present in Pfizer’s vaccine. There should be absolutely no need for such a carcinogenic virus sequence in the vaccine. This sequence is totally unnecessary for producing the mRNA vaccine. It is a problem that such a sequence is solidly contained in the vaccine. This is not the only problem. If a sequence like this is present in the DNA, the DNA is easily migrated to the nucleus.

“So, it means that the DNA can easily enter the genome. This is such an alarming problem. It is essential to remove the sequence. However, Pfizer produced the vaccine without removing the sequence. That is outrageously malicious. This kind of promoter sequence is completely unnecessary for the production of the mRNA vaccine. In fact, SV40 is a promoter of cancer viruses.”


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    The Perelman Family’s-Funded Medical School—and Much Else

    While the interrelationships among so many Jews overseeing the most powerful internet and data companies in the world are noteworthy, here our focus is on Jewish interrelationships in the medical industry. For an analysis of the Jewish role in creating today’s modern pharmaceutical-based medical system, see “The Jewish Origins of the For-Profit Medical Industry.”

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    Jewish organized crime oligarch and child-raping blackmail ringleader Leslie Wexner [Jeffrey Epstein’s boss] founded and is funding the Wexner School of Medicine. By November 2020, the Wexner School conducted AstraZeneca covid vaccine trials, on up to 500 victims, with follow-up evaluations for two years.[1]”

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    https://www.theoccidentalobserver. net/2023/06/05/jewish-scientist-saved-the-world-developing-new-vaccine/

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