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Internet policing has arrived with full authority provided by The High Court in London.

The ruling in the U.K gives internet service providers (ISP) the power to block access to many of the biggest sharing sites that carry illegal content, including Pirate Bay.

As of now Virgin and Talk Talk and four other Carriers have started banning access to certain sites that contain copyright infringements. The sites carrying illegal content would be put on a growing Black List shared amongst the ISPs. The ruling was to protect the BPI (UK’s recorded music industry), and The Premier League in their copyright case.

The music industry has been accused of not being able to adjust its sales and marketing techniques to the new age of the Internet. Instead the whole of the Net has to adjust to their old fashioned model of yesteryear based on copyright royalties, and young creative internet enthusiasts are to be culled. The fun of searching and inquisitiveness can lead to a knock on the door. Be aware if you are a Pirate . Her Majesty might send her navy after you.

It is estimated that internet traffic worldwide is to multiply significantly in coming years. It would be more prudent to allow freedom and creativity to emerge that could lead the Music,  Hollywood , the Premier league and other industries to a more sustainable revenue model in the future. The Pirate could be the guide to this future. Surely with the monies available to these giant industries, they could have spent on Research and Development rather than lobbying and litigation to find a better way to deal with the issue  of piracy. This could now signal the end of the British recorded music industry or Hollywood. They are cutting themselves off the Net and insulating themselves in their stance from the rest of the world (Internet). The dead past lingers on and its beginning to smell. We will be watching Chinese films translated to English, or have to listen to an obscure group from Central Asia who will go viral on the Net, and become more popular than the Beatles ever were. The ruling is the desired result for the plaintiffs, but it also shows their inadequacies. One wonders if they have ever been adequate in representing talent in a fair market place. One also begins to wonder if their motives are genuine.

virgin_block ISP reports:

For many sites that are blocked one or more proxy sites emerge. These proxies allow people to access the blocked sites and effectively bypass the restrictions put in place by the court.

The copyright holders are not happy with these loopholes and have asked ISPs to add the proxies to their filters, which they have done on several occasions.

However, restricting access to proxies did not provide a silver bullet either as new ones continue to appear. This week the blocking efforts were stepped up a notch and are now targeting sites that merely provide an overview of various Pirate Bay proxies.

In other words, UK ISPs now restrict access to sites for linking to Pirate Bay proxies.

Torrent Freak spoke with Dan, the operator of, who’s baffled by the newly implemented blockade. He moved his site to a new domain to make the site accessible again, for the time being at least.

“The new blocks are unbelievable and totally unreasonable. To block a site that simply links to another site just shows the level of censorship we are allowing ISP’s to get away with,” Dan says.

“UKBay is not even a PirateBay proxy. It simply provides links to proxies. If they continue blocking sites, that link to sites, that link to sites.. there’l be nothing left,” he adds.




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