PM Imran Khan Says Pakistan Will Not Bow To Western Pressure

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Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has slammed foreign powers that have been trying to pressure Pakistan to sever ties with Russia.

Khan also praised New Delhi’s ‘independent foreign policy’ over the Russia-Ukraine conflict

He promised to continue making sovereign policy decisions that are in the best interests of his nation and people.

Pakistan has come under increased Western pressure to publicly denounce and distance itself from Russia, after it abstained from a UN General Assembly resolution condemning Moscow’s military actions against Kiev, choosing instead to remain neutral alongside 34 other countries, including China, South Africa and India.

Addressing a public rally on Sunday, Khan said: “I haven’t bowed before anyone and will not let my nation bow either

The Wire reports Breaking from the tradition of not openly discussing complicated matters relating to foreign relations in public rallies, Khan mentioned that he had said absolutely no to the European Union (EU) envoys seeking Pakistan’s support against Russia in the Russia-Ukraine conflict because “they broke protocol by making the request”.

He said that Pakistan would have gained nothing by complying with the EU’s request.

We became part of America’s war against terror in Afghanistan and lost 80,000 people and USD 100 billion, he said.

It is for the second time he spoke against a statement by the EU and other Western countries asking Pakistan earlier this month to condemn the Russian intervention in Ukraine.

In his previous address, Khan had also asked the EU if it would make a similar demand to India.


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