MP Who Claimed Covid Jabs Are A ‘Disaster In The Making’, Branded ‘Anti-Science Extremist’

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christopher-chope MP on covid jabs

Sir Christopher Chope has been shut down and branded an “anti-science extremist” by MP’s for daring to declare that the Covid jabs are a ‘disaster in the making’

The Tory MP, who said that thousands may have suffered or died following the jab, has been accused of repeating a “discredited conspiracy theory” after making the vaccine claims to parliament on Thursday.

MPs, campaigners and experts say his comments were “ridiculous” and “offensive”.

Talking of which, the British government still claims that the vaccinations are the “single most effective way to reduce deaths and severe illness” from Covid.

MSN reports: The Convervative veteran said in parliament: “Does my Right Honourable Gentleman accept there is another NHS treatment disaster in the making in the fact there may be 10,000 or more people who have suffered serious injury or even death as a result of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccinations?”

He called for “justice for these people immediately”.

The House of Commons speaker responded by saying Sir Christopher was “normally better than than” and calling it a “poor effort”.

Martin McKee from Independent Sage group of experts told The Independent: “The speaker’s response said it all. This comment is so ridiculous that it doesn’t justify a comment.”

Daisy Cooper, the Liberal Democrats health spokesperson, said there was “absolutely no reliable evidence” backing up claims tens of thousands have suffered damage or died from the Covid jab.

“This is dangerous misinformation based on the Yellow Card Scheme of self-reported symptoms that is often used by anti-vaxxers to discredit the Covid-19 vaccine,” she said.

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, also dismissed the claims. “This is baseless offensive and wrong. Why do the Conservatives tolerate these anti-science extremists in their party?”

A spokesperson for the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice campaign group told The Independent: “Every loss from either Covid-19 or the vaccine is a complete tragedy, however the ‘10,000’ figure Mr Chope cites is a discredited conspiracy theory.”

“Vaccines have moved us out of the worst of the pandemic and saved countless lives, so to make these comments when cases are rising and vaccine take up is falling is extremely irresponsible. Frankly, it’s terrifying to hear in the House of Commons, where life and death public health decisions are being made.”


  1. If they listened to their own scientists without prejudice and favour from inducements then they would have considered the abhorrent association with the biggest criminal frauds, in Pfizer, as perhaps a slight clue to the veracity of the scientists whose opinions ran with the criminals sales targets.

  2. So that is the strategy. They will make sure they never go to prison for the Covid genocide, by getting rid of all those who speak the truth and replace them with those who speak Luciferian. It is what freemasons do. As they infiltrate to the top, they also eliminate anyone who are not freemasons. Just like they did in the Vatican, all governments and their military. Also in all science, banking, medicine, education and the media. I guess that is why they all have lists of odd and strange deaths among people in those professions. No one will ever be held accountable, unless they are just used as scapegoats. Freemasonry feels like they are God, but they are the exact opposite, demonic entities destined for eternal Hell.

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