Food Shortages? US Gov’t Has Been Paying Farmers To Destroy Crops and Livestock For Years

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Mainstream media is warning America to prepare for food shortages. How did the richest country in the world end up in this state?

Listening to the “news” these days, one is led to believe that everything is falling apart economically and agriculturally because Putin decided to invade Ukraine. The truth, however, is that this engineered takedown of the US economy began many years ago and is only now becoming obvious to anyone who cares to see things with their own eyes.

Two years ago when the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic was launched, it was being reported that the United States government was quietly paying farmers to destroy their own crops and depopulate livestock. Watch the video from below for more:

Via Miami Standard:

This video is from channel “Freedom” on

This was reiterated again about a year ago when actual farmers started sharing videos on social media about how the food supply was being tampered with by government officials. One example of this can be viewed below:

If your family goes hungry, ask your government why it destroyed the food supply with your tax dollars

It would appear as though the plan all along was to quietly start throwing a few wrenches into the supply chain at that time in order to get the ball rolling. It was easy to blame the resulting problems on “COVID,” and this continued for a full two years.

As the two-year anniversary of the plandemic approached, things got increasingly more chaotic. And now we have reached a point of no return, it seems, which is why the narrative shifted from COVID to Vladimir Putin.

The timing of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is suspect because it occurred just as the consequences of several years of planned and engineered famine were really starting to become apparent. This provided cover for the media to blame Putin for even higher gas and food prices and the coming prospect of global food shortages.

For the past month, we have been told that because of the invasion and associated sanctions, natural gas is now in short supply. Natural gas, it turns out, is used to produce the fertilizer for food crops.

It is almost as if somebody wants food to become scarce so that the people become easier to control. With Putin as the new fall guy (it was COVID prior to this), the next engineered phase of the global plandemic can simply be blamed on Russia.

You may recall that we reported numerous times in years past about bad weather conditions that interfered with crop yields. We warned that in the future, these losses would catch up with the supply chain and cause problems.

What we did not know at the time is that a plandemic was going to be launched to create a perfect storm type of situation in which the dominoes would begin to fall more quickly and more severely, creating confusion as to the cause.

This is how the powers that be are keeping all eyes off of themselves. They launch chaos event after chaos event while quietly knocking over the dominoes on purpose in the background undetected.

Watch the two videos above and ask yourself: Why did the American government use American tax dollars to destroy precious food resources? And how is it impacting the world now as the very real prospect of mass starvation looms over the world?

“If we do not hang together against this murderous takeover, we WILL hang separately!” wrote someone at “Opposing this as a majority is our only hope. If we do not stand up together, they will put us down for good.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. less the 1% live on a farm less than that FARM most farms are just a tax write off for the better off`s

  2. REAGAN broke the unions willy nelson`s FARM AID tryed to save the family farmers but the goverment did`nt enforce the ANTI-Trust laws any more as they sold off america for thier hobby lobby KICKBACKS

  3. The whole world does it and always has since agriculture became a primary industry It’s essential to protect farmers incomes or they’d all go broke. It’s just reality There’s no food shortage that’s a manipulation by the globalist to get control over every farmer. Forcing them to buy seeds from Monsanto and fertilisers. So they’re dependents, like children. Enslaved entrapped dependent. Totally under control.

    • they would`nt go broke as there is NONE LEFT less than a part of 1%.IT is a lack of marketing skills.IT is all share cropping as tax write offs and monoploy.The family farm died when willy nelson`s farm AID could`nt help NO ONE CARED.It is just MARKETING as there is a HUGE MARKET and if they plant the right crops than they are sold before they are even grown in the stock markets.We learned you can`t protect family farming if you don`t enforce the law-ANTI-TRUST once the lobby got control of the goverment they sold off america and most land is owned by out of the country ownership as the 30% became the 1% that OWNs all the goverments.You can`t protect some one WHO is isn`t THERE ANYMORE it died out by 1% takeover MUTILATERALISM

    • The goverments also pay them NOT to grow and TO grow WELFARE farming they don`t go broke they get payed ANYWAY subzied tax write off share cropping.The real ESSENTIAL is that they produce what is needed and where it is needed and that they don`t DUST BOWL the land again.The marketing is fut tup and not up to speed so they set aside as the masses don`t have food under production vs over production with Ai and super computers and goverments knowing more than ever from satellite nets and remote tactors so on this should`nt even be a problem at all today

  4. I don’t know which is worse: The government paying farmers to destroy food or the farmers agreeing to destroy the nation’s food supply.

  5. Because they believe that 2 + 2 equals 5, or at least lack the mental wherewithal to assert otherwise, they think they also know that everybody’s money belongs to them, that they are the only ones who know what is best for everyone, that nobody else is in their right mind, and that ordinary people are stupid and cannot be virtuous or our existence justified.

  6. less than 1% of america farms and so any thing to do with farming has nothing to do with americans as the farms are owned by monopolistical multilateral corporations NOT american`s most farmers are sharecropping or just clocking in for the big biz DUE to REAGAN killing off the family farmers over 40 years ago

  7. And now the Chicoms are partnering with US Ag Secretaries to change our food supply and are buying up our farmland.

    ‘A Chinese Influence Group Tied To Bill Gates Wants To Collaborate With American Agriculture Officials’

    – The National Pulse
    by Natalie Winters
    April 1, 2022

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