Uber Driver Punishes Gay Man By Dragging Him Along Street; Threatens Beheading

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NYC Uber driver punishes gay man by dragging him on the street using his car, threatens to behead him

A man from New York was dragged down a street, clinging to the side of a car, by a Muslim Uber driver who also threatened to behead him for being homosexual. 

Taray Carey, 27, was travelling in an Uber in New York on November 28 with his loving husband Alex Majkowski and another friend. The couple decided to share an innocent hug during the journey.

According to Mr Carey, the Uber driver was so disgusted at the display of gay intimacy that he called the pair “f***ots” and warned them they would be “beheaded” if they lived in his home country.

News.com.au, reports: Mr Carey attempted to leave the vehicle, but was allegedly dragged down the street as he clung to the car while the unnamed driver “gunned it”.

He said the incident had been reported to the police, but that they had been “patronising” in their response.

He shared details of the alleged incident on Facebook along with several photographs of his wounds.

“Tonight I was thrown out of an #uber by a homophobe,” Mr Carey wrote.

“I tried to step out, and he gunned it while my husband was still in the back seat.

“My friend jumped out when we got to a red light, while the #Uberdriver continued to call us f***ots, and told us we would be beheaded in his country. This is not OK!”

Mr Carey’s post has received an outpouring of anger on social media, attracting thousands of likes, comments and shares.

“That’s horrible! They should bow their heads in shame to treat people like this! We are all humans! And we are all in one race, the human race!” one Facebook user posted, while another added: “I’m so sorry you had to go through this, I know first hand what (it) is like to be face-to-face with hateful people like him.”

Others called for the driver to be sacked and urged Uber to take action.


Mr Carey’s story follows a similar case involving a New York Uber driver earlier this year.

In June, Emma Pichl, 24, and her girlfriend of two years, Alex Iovine, 26, claimed they were kicked out of a car for kissing in the back seat after their Uber driver found the act “disrespectful”.

After pulling over, the women confronted the driver and released a video of the exchange online.

“You are not allowed … it’s disrespectful … it’s disrespectful. I don’t want to argue with you. Just get off my car,” the driver says in the clip.

Ms Pichl, a senior recruiter, said she and her partner were left “shaken and upset” by the incident.


  1. From the ‘religion of peace’ and the politics of the left. Uber is run by radical leftists in SFO, pandering to is lamic rad icals, which ironically, hate homosexuals (but apparently they protect homosexuality in islam – aka Barry Soetoro, and others that violated Ambassador Stevens upon his demise.

  2. I hate muslims cos they worship allah..allah is satan in disguise…but…this muslim did the right thing ..poofters should all be killed.. and if it means dragging them alongside a car.. so be it… why the fuck would a man want to fuck another man in the ass and get shit all over his cock.. that is just fucking gross….ewwwww.yuk

    • you have a little tiny brain and a little tiny heart…..why do you care what someone does when they get intimate with someone else….it’s none of your business. I’m a white 68 year old straight woman and I don’t care what others do as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Try and educate yourself.

      • You sound perverted. The readers comment is valid. For a man to penetrate another man’s anus with his penis is just plain dirty. Nothing more nothing less. Just plain dirty and will be punished in the judgement.

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