A Very Dangerous Situation Between Russia and US

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atomic bomb
atomic bomb

The Threat of war between East and West is approaching the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Experts at the Munich Security Conference recently warned of the danger and contributed it to the worsening Ukrainian crisis. They also warned  of new escalations turning deadly due to lack of cooperation and communication on security protocols. Nuclear catastrophe is more probable with any  unforeseen mishap from either side.

Today the lines are fluid and not as drawn as when J.F.Kennedy was president of U.S.A.
We also have the Rouge element of Terrorism plus Cyber Security and Mechanical Objects

(Drones) being flown overhead without Universal Guidelines.

Its one thing to pursue single-mindedly your best interest, by negotiations, threats, offers and so on but don’t forget the purpose, which according to some experts is survival and not winning.

The main feature is about to start. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee before we ourselves become toast. There is no winner here, just the experience.


spiegel.de reports

“In late January, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set its “Doomsday Clock” to

three minutes to midnight. The last time it was set to that time was in 1983, “when US-Soviet

relations were at their iciest point,” as the group of scientists explained. The only other time

when the situation was even worse was in 1953, when the clock was set to two minutes to midnight.

Unchecked climate change and the “nuclear arms race resulting from modernization of huge

arsenals” pose “extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity,” the

group’s statement read.



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