Fed Up Black Chicago Residents Kick BLM Radicals Out of Their Neighborhood

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Black Lives Matters protesters were kicked out of Englewood, Chicago on Wednesday by a large group of fed up black residents who made it clear they are tired of BLM hypocrisy and criminality.

Englewood locals resisted BLM radicals who descended on their neighborhood and threatened to cause a scene, Fox 32 reported.

“If you ain’t from Englewood, get the f–k out of here,” Darryl Smith, a local resident, shouted at protesters.

“Y’all don’t come out when a kid gets shot,” he said.

“Y’all come out when it’s got something to do with the f—ing police,” he yelled through a loudspeaker, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“If your issue is with the police, take it to 35th and Michigan,” he shouted.

“Don’t come in Englewood with it.”

The rally moved to the police station where the officers involved in Sunday’s shootout were based, but was dispersed after angry residents pushed back.

“None of these motherf—ers are gonna be here tomorrow. That’s why I got a problem,” Duane Kidd, a lifelong Englewood resident, told the Sun-Times.

“If they would’ve gotten something incited with the police, who’s gotta deal with it tomorrow? The community. Not them.”

“They’ll be somewhere sipping sangria somewhere. I’m telling you like it is,”he stated.

The march soon dispersed following a tense hour-long standoff.

“We refuse to let anyone come to Englewood and tear it up,” one local, Charles McKenzie, told the station.

Even a grandmother of Allen, who was struck by return fire during the police shoot out, blasted the protesters saying there is “no excuse” for criminality.

“I don’t agree with the looting because that’s just an excuse to get what they want,” Joyce Brown told the Sun-Times.

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