ABC Slammed For Suggesting ‘Chess Is Racist’ Because White Always Goes First

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Chess is inherently "racist" because the white pieces always have the first move, according to completely ridiculous suggestions by an ABC radio station.

Chess is inherently “racist” because the white pieces always have the first move, according to completely ridiculous suggestions by an ABC radio station.

Chess grandmasters and former world champions immediately slammed the ABC, describing the idea that chess is “racist” as “completely ridiculous” and an example of Marxist liberal thinking that is tearing society apart.

After an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Sydney radio station posed the question that the game of chess may be racist, Russian chess grandmaster and former world champion Garry Kasparov and former Australian chess representative John Adams took to Twitter to slam the notion, calling it “bulls**t” and an example of cultural Marxism gone mad.

JPost report: Adams noted that ABC contacted him to make a comment on the segment, which is intended to run Wednesday.

Then they said with everything going on, they wanted to have a conversation about white going first (in chess) – and the racial context of whether white should go first. I said I’m no longer involved but I passed them along to another person.”

After dismissing the request to speak on the radio show, Adams took to Twitter to voice his opinions.

The ABC have taken the view that chess is RACIST given that white always go first,” Adams wrote on Twitter. “Trust the taxpayer funded national broadcaster to apply ideological Marxist frameworks to anything & everything in Australia!

With all the drama resulting from COVID-19, I am amazed that the ABC is broadcasting on irrelevant topics!

Kasparov told those unhappy with the rule, that white pieces in chess move first, than they should pick up another game, instead of using taxpayer money to probe into the rule’s origins.

If you are worried that the game of chess is racist, please take up Go, where black moves first, instead of looking foolish by wasting taxpayer money at a state broadcaster to ‘investigate,'” Kasparov said.

Adams lauded Kasparov’s comment.”Good to see former world chess champion @Kasparov63 take aim at the @ABCaustralia over their NONSENSE coverage of the game of chess,” Adams responded on Twitter.

Chess expert Kevin Bonham is supposed to replace Adams as a commentator on the ABC segment Wednesday, according to local sources.

There are complex patterns that require white to move first,” Bonham said, according to Australian news website

At the casual and club level, it does not matter which color starts the game. I’ve agreed to comment on this tomorrow around lunchtime.

Two grandmasters, Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Anish Giri of the Netherlands, challenged the longstanding rule in a video posted to Carlsen’s Twitter page in March 2019 as a part of the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

We broke a rule in chess today,” Carlsen said in the video, to which Giri added “to change minds tomorrow.”

Carlsen added that “this rule was never about race or politics, but we can break it to send a message to everyone who believes that color should grant advantage in chess or in life.

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