Biden Set To Profit off Monkeypox Vaccine That He’s Forcing on Americans

Fact checked
President Biden set to profit from monkeypox vaccine

President Biden is set to personally profit from the rollout of a monkeypox vaccine that will be conveniently forced on Americans later this year.

The University of Pennsylvania Hospital, where an elitist think tank called the Penn Biden Center is located, is being funnelled large amounts of cash for helping with the development of a vaccine.

According to reporter Patrick Howley, “Joe Biden’s host university profited from helping Bavarian Nordic develop the MVA-BN monkeypox vaccine.” reports: In return, the think tank named after Joe Biden will be richly rewarded and the senile president can go back to work there after his term.

Speaking to Shroyer, Howley explained, “Joe Biden stands to benefit from the monkeypox vaccine.”

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